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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Stourhead spring

Easter school holiday, grandchildren for the day and blue skies - perfect day for returning to our old haunts.
You had seen lots of pictures on my blog from Stourhead, when we lived just down the road from there.
It is little further now, but I will never tire of coming here, although this is not the view you have seen before.  All buildings need attention sometimes.

Oh, much better view.

The Temple of Apollo already restored, 

                                                         unfortunately not open today.

                                                       But the view from up here is wonderful.

The spring has definitively arrived here.

The children had a great time, running around, playing hide ans seek, climbing trees .......
and other things....

and exploring the "secret" grotto.

Spring is everywhere,
a resident swan already on her nest on the island.

It was a lovely walk, but by the end the grandparents wished they could join the two ducks :-)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I enjoy your photos very much, so much beauty!

  2. How lovely to see Spring has finally 'sprung' in your parts Radka.
    A special day out with your grandies - plenty of room for them to run off some energy!
    Stourhead is a beautiful garden.

  3. I love your spring gardens. Just lovely the way colour just pops out everywhere. Stourhead looks lovely-- pity we missed it on our trip last year-- hopefully, there will be another trip one day.

  4. how I love it when you visit Stourhead and share such wonderful photos with us, only been once but can honestly say it is the best gardens etc I have ever visited

  5. Dear Radka,
    What a nice place, thank you so much for taking us there with you -

  6. Dear Radka.
    Your Photos are so beautiful and make me want to go for a long walk :-).
    Hope, you have had a wonderful weekend.

  7. Thankyou for sharing your beautiful photos Radka, I enjoyed them so much.

  8. I'm green with envy....more snow here.

  9. as we stourhead visited many years ago, I left a piece of my heart there. what a wonderful landscape. thank you for the beautiful pictures of stourhead.

  10. Hello Radka, Thank you for takeing these beautiful photos of Stourhead I enjoy them every time you visit.I also love your header photos.


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