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Friday, 30 May 2014

Dyrham Park

  1. School half term and what a wash-out! Today was one of the better days, at least it stayed dry.
  2. Visit with DD and the grandchildren to Dyrham Park, National trust property just few miles north of Bath.
  3. Quote from NT Handbook: "There are more than 110 hectares (270 acres) of ancient parkland, where historic herd of 200 fallow deer roam freely and magnificent trees and breathtaking views abound."

The house dates to late 17th century, but we did not visit there today. 

We just enjoyed a walk in the grounds,

a picnic at the end,

and a visit to the lovely National Trust shop to buy some plants.

 Oh, and our lovely heron has a new friend, a birthday present from my children.

In case you are wondering, these metal sculptures came from a National Trust shop.
You can also buy them from their on-line shop.

Have a lovely weekend!

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Hanna said...

Dear Radka,
It must have been a wonderful day, I loved your Pictures and the Story -
have a nice Weekend

Hanna said...

Dear Radka,
It must have been a wonderful day, I loved your Pictures and the Story -
have a nice Weekend

Yvonne W said...

Thanks for showing these photos. We joined the National Trust when we were there last year and I loved going through the different gardens. Your grandchildren would have had a lovely day-- precious memories for them having outings with their grandparents too.

margaret said...

lovely grounds but I was surprised they built the wonderful home so near and into a hill or is it very hilly there. The herons look great together, wonder if they will atract any real ones to visit your garden

eva said...

Wonderful pictures from a wonderful day! Have to say that this is the most beautiful time of the year - everything is still fresch and the green have a special green color that you see only just now. And lovely to have a day together with your grandchildren!

Helena Davidová said...

Anglické parky a zahrady, to je prostě pojem. Nikdy na těch pár, co jsem navštívila, nezapomenu. Moc děkuji, že si mi ukázala další Radko!
Hezkou sobotu, pa Helena

Juliettecherry said...

Enjoyed seeing your beautiful photographs. I always look forward to reports of your days out. Have passed Dyrham Park when visiting Bath, but never stopped there. The gardens are lovely.

Lorraine said...

Hello Radka
Wonderful pictures as usual, so glad you had a nice day. I really must get to Dyrham Park one of these days, its only about 45 minutes from me!!!So nice your heron has a new friend too!

Die Nähmeise said...

Dear Radka,
So nice pictures of Dyrham Park. I see you had a wonderful trip. together with the grandchildren a particularly beautiful day.

Beverley said...

Lovely reminder of Dyrham. I played my flute there in the great hall with friends about 5 years ago on a Saturday. A lovely day. x

katherine said...

What a stunning place to spend a day! Love the garden and the deer are very cute too.

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