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Sunday, 22 June 2014

our glorious summer

still continues, it seems well settled in; at least for now. And we are making most of it, DH and I have taken to living outside, as much as we can. The housework is suffering, while we are making the most of our new seating area.

The 2 garden mirrors are a new addition to our cosy corner, showing us a different view of our small garden.

We celebrated Midsummer here, late into the evening, in Scandinavian way - with  new potatoes with dill, sill (pickled herring to you and me), snaps... and strawberries of course.

A short visit to Vintage Textile Fair in Frome on Saturday morning,

yielded just some very small purchases

and a couple of nice Indian Kantha embroideries on sari silk.

Not much stitching going here, hot hands....., but I will show you the parts of my indigo quilt already stitched.

Oh yes, I did make my Summer jam, using a mixture of summer fruits currently in the shops.

Thank you for stopping by, have a good week!

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  1. Hi Radka,
    You seting area seems to be great, your stitching very beautifeul and your jam for sure delicious -

  2. Lovely sitting area, I can see why you would spend a lot if time there. Love your indigo blocks !!!!!

  3. you have a lovely spot to sit in and admire the garden how it has changed since you moved into your new home. Stitching looks good, very nice indeed

  4. You sitting area looks very inviting and relaxing. Love those mirrors in the wall.
    The kantha fabrics are so colourful.

    You must have so much patience to work so much into your beautiful indigo quilt. It is a treasure.

    The jam looks delicious.

  5. Nice to see you are celebrating Midsommar the Swedish way!
    Beautiful stiches!

  6. Summer is well and truly there. Interesting concept with the mirrors. Love the indigo fabric.

  7. I love the mirrors too. What a good idea. You must have enjoyed the textile fair, interesting purchases.

  8. Dear Radka.
    You are doing so right by living in the garden as much as posibly. One never knows when the weather changes. Love your two small garden mirrors, what a great idea.
    Your indigo quilt looks fantastic.
    Have a nice weekend :-).

  9. Mi piace tutto di questo post, quante meraviglie!!!!!!!!! Bacioni

  10. Hello Radka,A lovely garden seating and shade area any wonder you have been enjoying summer,So different to what was there!! Your Indigo quilt is amazing, so beautifully done a lot of time in there.


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