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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Sweden 2014 - part 1

What happened to our glorious hot summer? It was here when we left for Scandinavia just over 3 weeks ago and we returned to cold winds. Our garden is showing definite signs of wet, wet. The weather people are promising us August record low temperatures this weekend!

Oh well, just as well we have wonderful memories of this year's trip.
Sadly, this was our last one by car, as the last ferry route to Scandinavia is being closed down at the end of September.

There was time when we could take a direct ferry to Norway,  Sweden and Denmark. Over the years, one by one, these connections disappeared. In the last few years only Danish connection remained, and now even this route is being closed down. From October there will no longer be a direct ferry connection between UK and Scandinavia. Yes, you can fly - drive or take the long way across Holland and Germany, but that is not quite the same.....

This year we went with our daughters family. The route, the same as the last time, took us to Harwich for overnight ferry to Denmark.

In the picture on the  right you can see a vessel supplying parts for windmill farms in the North Sea.

We arrived to Esbjerg in Denmark at lunchtime the following day and ahead of was an afternoon drive across Denmark, and two toll bridges :

the Storebaelt Bridge

   and crossing to Sweden,

 the Oresund Bridge
                 (yes, "The Bridge", for those who watched TV program of the same name).

We rented a holiday home for two weeks, but on the way we stayed one night at a motel near Helsingborg in Sweden and second night in this lovely old B&B.

Sweden was enjoying a fantastic summer this year and we were concerned that by the time we'll get there, it will be over. But the beautiful weather just went on and on and the first part of out holiday the weather was hot (too much sometimes, but am I complaining?)

This year we chose to stay near one of the "Three Wooden Towns", Hjo, which is on the lake Vättern.
It is a lovely old town, a former spa town, with many old wooden buildings and a beautiful park

Our holiday home, which is quite new and very comfortable, was just a few km from Hjo, near one of many smaller lakes.

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  1. what a lovely place to stay sorry about the cold weather on your return, we have it here in the north too. I saw the embroidery done my the ladies form S Africa for the Tambani Projec tat the FOQ show, very talented ladies

  2. Enjoyed seeing your holiday photos Radka. It looks to be a very different place to UK. What a lovely trip to take.

    Maybe we are in for a golden extended autumn this year?

  3. Hello Radka, lovely seeing your holiday photos, A beautiful spot to stay. Did you take your knitting? It looked the perfect spot to knit and take in the scenery.

  4. it all looks wonderful .. thanks for sharing with us .. who wont get there x sad they are closing down the ferry routs x NOW.. its not our fault you took the sunshine with you .. and left us with rain!! lol x

  5. Your holiday snaps are wonderful Radka, and what a lovely old town you visited. Your vase of golden flowers will encourage the sunshine back.

  6. You're so fortunate living in the UK, with such spectacular holiday options on your doorstep - more or less!
    I would do a 12 hour plane trip first!!
    Sweden has always appealed to me, quite like New Zealand and I see the old wooden houses are very like ours.
    Those bridges are awe inspiring!


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