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Sunday, 31 August 2014

the week that was

I know, I know, I keep taking you to Stourhead, but it is such a good place to take grandchildren during holiday. They have the freedom here to run around and explore. 
A week ago it felt like winter, and in fact, we had the heating on couple of evenings! But it is getting warmer again.
There are no blossoms at Stourhead at this time of year, but some of the colour is beginning to look quite autumnal.

Back at home little fingers are busy with a felting needle and using pastry cutter as a guide, making decoration for a purse.


I still haven't got back to sewing since back from our holiday. I actually took a box with 3 projects away with me, but none of them had seen the light of day! I am doing some knitting though, working on another 6 squares for my blanket. I hope to show you those soon.

I did some baking yesterday, I made almond and vanilla biscuits, a Norwegian recipe from this book.



                                 and after

They smell divine and are so delicious! But most of them actually made it into the biscuit jar  - for now anyway!

This morning was warm enough for us to have our breakfast in the garden! Heaven!
Our garden has done well, considering that this is the first year and that it was little neglected while we were away. Our neighbour looked looked after it, but the weather was so bad, that it was out of his hands.

the fig is doing very well  with lots of new growth

the crab apple tree is really showing off, so young and so many apples,

which will all turn red with the coming of the autumn    

There is still lots of colour in the garden.

Two new additions to our garden, purchased yesterday


and anemone "Wild Swan"

isn't she a beauty?

The coming week should get brighter and warmer again, so we could be in for a nice September.

In the meantime, have a good week!

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  1. Radka Stourhead always interests me and your garden is looking beautiful and a real credit to you. Take care.

  2. Dear Radka,
    What a nice trip and thank you for taking us to your beautiful garden -

  3. Lovely tour, your garden is just beautiful !!

  4. good to see Stourhead again. Your garden is looking good and sure the apples will be lovely and sweet.Th white swan anemone is a real beauty
    Very nice bit of needlefelting, yesterday I saw a quilt at the quilt show that was mostly felted which started my brain ticking over as I have a felting machine

  5. Your garden as always, blows me away!!! ours is mostly Green... Boring but easy to maintain. Thank you too for the wonderful 'trip' to Sweden, and I always love the visits to Stourhead.. I may even get there in person one day!
    DH is picking our apples as we speak.

  6. Whenever I see your photos of Stourhead, I always go "OOh! Aah! it is such a beautiful and colourful place.

    Your own garden is coming along very well too. You both deserve a medal for all the hard work that must have gone into getting it so good so soon.

    Love the little needlefelting too.

  7. I enjoyed the tour of your holiday inSweden, it all looks beautiful. Back home the glorious Stourhead, and your garden. It's still looking great - ours is a little dried up to say the least. Autumn has arrived a tad early this year.

  8. Gorgeous garden shots! Love seeing them especially the crab apples. I used to make crab apple jelly with ours but since fruit fly came they have been infested so I pull them off before too much can go rotten and produce more of the horrible things. We are heading into Spring slowly with some great days and cold nights still and the garden is just starting to come back to life. Will be waiting eagerly on three new David Austen roses I planted out a month ago to see how they perform.


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