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Saturday, 15 November 2014

wool embroidery - start

I made a start on the wool embroidery for my cushion. 
In the end I decided to use a design from Karin Holmberg's book.
This is the first time I am embroidering on wool felt.
I am starting with the central motif and I have already realised how different it is from stitching on say cotton or linen fabric. To start with, it is not as easy to mark the design on the fabric. I have marked the whole design on the felt background all in one go, which I now realised was a mistake.
By the time I completed the center ring of leaves, most the rest of the design has rubbed off.
So  now I just refresh the outlines and draw the rest free hand as I go along. That is probably how the original wool embroideries were done anyway - freehand.
Also, stitching with on wool on wool, it is more difficult to keep to the line of design. I realised that I can't be as fussy as if I was embroidering with cotton or silk on linen. It is very different, one just has be more bold! 

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Diane-crewe said...

at least you know the marking is not permanent!! lol x It is looking good x

Anneliese said...

Your stitiching is looking good - even perfect. I think that stitching on felt is easier than on cotton, I might be wrong,
But felt is not so densely woven, hm, not woven at all - so the needle should go through very easily. Free hand designing - what a perfect challenge.

Helen said...

Looking great Radka, and yes it is a lot different from fabric embroidery but I do love the look :)

Hanna said...

Dear Radka,
It turned out really beautiful -
greetings Hanna

Gaia said...

It is looking lovely !!

margaret said...

wool felt projects are getting so popular now and this is a very nice piece you are working on.

Juliettecherry said...

It's going to be very nice indeed.

When I used Appleton's crewel wool on fleece to makeup an embroidered teddy bear, I also found it difficult to stitch. We only find out when we get underway.

Christine Feldstein said...

Beautiful project for winter Radka, have a great Sunday!

Gudrun said...

Mycket vackert! very beautiful!
Hugs Gudrun

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