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Saturday, 6 December 2014

Friday Night with Friends and new wall hanging

As I said in my last post, I joined Cheryll (thank you, Cheryll, for hosting this evening) and others for Friday night stitching. It is quite interesting, sitting there and stitching, knowing that a group of ladies are doing the same thing at the same time (in their time zones, of course). 
Was anyone indulging in mince pies? I was :-)
Or maybe something stronger?
Well, it was cold and frosty outside.

What was I making? Again, a last minute idea. Our dining room is nearly finished and I have decided that one of the walls is just crying out for a new wall hanging. I had this pattern at home for a long time, so now is the right time for it.  
The pattern for Winter House Quilt comes from Cowslip and it makes a quilt, or the central block can be used for a wall hanging. It can be adapted for any time of year, of course.


  Before last night I got as far as this,

                                and last night I added 2 doves at the top.

I have been trying different shades of gold for the stars, but I am still not sure which shade works best. 
Unfortunately the difference can't be seen very clear here.

The border comes next.

I wish you all a very good weekend!

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  1. Seemed to be an interesting night, your wall hanging will become very nice -

  2. Glad you joined the FnwFs. I was sitting and thinking the same thing. Love your house with the trees and doves.

  3. Your wall hanging is looking lovely Radka :)

  4. this is looking so good, a very welcoming house you have created

  5. Mycket vackert!!Very beautiful!
    Hälsningar från Sverige/Gudrun

  6. What a lovely Wall hanging you are working on.
    I prefer the colour of the Star on the left.

  7. Nice to see your Friday stitching - a cute little house and I love the star-tree. And how do I make a mince pie?

  8. Beautiful stitching as always..I love the house; specially its chimney, so cute.

  9. I like your house block Radka - especially the way the trees soften the design.

  10. What a nice Quilt Project, Radka !
    The small Cottages are so cute . Have lots of fun with your new Wallhanging .

  11. That is a lovely wallhanging, I look forward to seeing the border!

  12. Stunning Radka. I think I might have to get back into the habit of joining FNSI and FNWF. Might actually make me get something done lol.


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