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Saturday, 10 January 2015

silk bag revival

For last night's Friday Night with Friends I decided to take a short break from playing with fabrics and instead I picked up one of my old embroidery project boxes; this particular one has not been touched since we moved house. It has my silk bag embroidery in it. 
The design comes from one of the old issues of Classic Inspirations magazine. Actually, most of the embroidery is done, there was only one motif still to be stitched and that's what I was working on last night.
I did not manage to finish it last night completely, but only some lavender bullions are still to be done.
Thank you, Cheryll , for hosting last night.
I'll see you next month!

This has been a very good exercise in bullion stitches.
Now I need to find something nice to line the bag with, preferably another piece of silk.

This kind of embroidery makes a nice change from quilts and I do enjoy bullion stitches.
Some of you might remember my silk cushion, also a project from one of the old issues of Classic Inspirations. A picture of my finished cushions was published in one the later issues of the magazine.

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  1. Absolutely wonderful embroidery, so refined! I love your cushion Radka!

  2. Bellissimo radka! mi piace moltissimo il ricamo a punto vapore e tu l'hai eseguito benissimo

  3. All I can say is OOOO and AAAHHHH, and I have two local girl friends who will be dropping by to do the same thing!!

  4. So beautiful - I am admiring your skills.

  5. Love grub roses-- have not done them in ages. The embroidery has come together beautifully.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Wonderful Radka,
    I would like to know how to make those roses, they are great -
    have a nice sunday -

  8. Gorgeous stitching, am looking forward to seeing it finished! xx

  9. Liebe Radka,
    eine wunderschöne Stickarbeit...und sehr schöne Motive!

    LG Klaudia

  10. Your bullion roses are lovely, such neat precise work - wow!


  11. Stunning Gorgeous beautiful work Radka :)

  12. Wow! You are a really accomplished needlewoman Radka. Your embroidery is fabulous both on the bag and the cushion.
    Hope you find just the right silk to line the bag very soon.... can't wait to see it finished. xxxx

  13. So pretty !! waiting to see the final result.

  14. Exquisite stitching Radka, you are our "Queen of the Bullions"!
    You mus show us your silk bag when you have finished it.

    The 'Friday night with Friends' sounds like a good way to make progress on UFO's!
    I'll bear it in mind if it's still going during our Winter months - it's so hot here and sweaty sticky fingers aren't conducive to stitching!

  15. Everything about it is beautiful!

  16. Beautiful stitching Radka. Love to see the bag when finished.

  17. Gorgeous! I remember the pattern and definitely remember you working on the cushion some years back. Inspirations is my favourite magazine and I have every one of them. I have two magazine loves that Inspirations and Ply which is an American spinning wheel.

  18. Oh your bullion stitches are sooooo beautiful, Radka. The Friday night sew ins sounds like a good incentive to get working on some unfinished projects. It will feel brilliant to get it done.


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