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Friday, 23 January 2015

St. Germain quilt progress

We woke up this morning to iced up windows, -6°C? Something like that. But it did warm up later when the sun came out and it turned out to be a beautiful day.

It was little breezy when  I was taking a picture outside and the quilt top did not want stay still, but you get the idea.

You might remember, when  I wrote about this project last time, I just realised that I trimmed the central block too much and was short 1/4 in on all sides.
As it is not possible to adjust the inner borders, I decided to make up the difference by adding a thin border of red fabric around the central block. So here it is. I think it actually looks like it is supposed to be there, I am quite pleased with it. The picture is not straight, the fabric kept moving, and it is not pressed either; I need to remove grid marks on the borders first.

The placement of orange peel shapes on the borders is not ideal, some of the patterns ended up too close to each other. It is little difficult to do it well, when you work on four separate pieces, and I probably don't have enough patience. But overall, I don't think it looks too bad.

So now for the outside borders; this again will be filled with applique of stems and flowers.

I am getting ready for new large project for this year.
I will tell you about it next time.

Have  a wonderful weekend!

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  1. No, not at all bad, Radka, It is looking wonderful and it is a great project what you are working at. And it is handmade so little unevennesses (ha, my word) really don't matter.
    I wish you all the patience which is necessary to finish this lovely quilt.

  2. You did a good Job Radka, it looks really nice. Now I'm waiting for your new project, as I'm also planning something new -
    have a nice weekend

  3. It has come up nicely, and I do like the thin red border. Looking forward to see what your new project will be.

  4. E' stupendo, complimenti!!!!!!!!

  5. Mi piace moltissimo Radka....la scelta dei colori, gli accostamenti, il disegno. ..complimenti

  6. Mycket vacker!!!! very beautiful!!

  7. This is lovely and you are right about that thin line - it really defines the centre block. A useful idea to remember. xx

  8. Beautiful! Really love the style and colours in this one.


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