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Sunday, 18 January 2015

the first finished project of the year

                                                         My Four Seasons Chicken Quilt

is replacing the "Winter House" quilt on my display wall in the dining room and brings a long awaited sunshine to our house.
The "Winter House" is going back to my work room to be finished.
This past week the nature managed to throw at us all sorts; rain, wind, sleet, snow, frost....
But today, although very cold, the sun is out and so I managed to take a picture outside, and actually had to wait for a small cloud to be able to do it.
I could not decide on the binding, but eventually I found this lovely Faffe Fassett fabric in my stash.
I think most of you will understand when I say that it is one of those fabrics you don't want to cut into, but it has been in my stash for a long time and I think the colours really compliment the quilt. And there is lots of this lovely fabric still left.
I love when I am at this point, stitching the binding on a new quilt; so satisfying - I have done it again!
Do you feel the same way?

I really enjoyed making this quilt, I specially had a great fun with the tail feathers.
This quilt again was a good practise in needleturn applique and is also hand quilted.

The pattern comes from The Running Chicken Quilt Company .

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  1. Woow, a wonderful quilt!I like it!

    Greetings from Germany,

  2. sometimes you just HAVE to cut into those fabrics ... esp when you have had them for a long time x ..after all THAT was the reason you bought them in the first place!! lol x AND it looks wonderful x

  3. It´s great!!I think you are waiting for Easter now:-))
    Greetings Gudrun

  4. È semplicemente meravigliosa! Piena di dettagli e colori..bravissima

  5. Definitely a sunny quilt! It is beautiful. xx

  6. This quilt is such fun Radka and lovely fabrics and colours. Take care.

  7. Je to nádhera! A muselo ti to Radko,dát hrozně moc práce. Ale výsledek stojí za to. Sluníčko v tomto zimním čase, člověk se hned víc těší na jaro :-)

  8. Really lovely and cheerful! Love it!

  9. just love it, it is just like a sunshine Jaana

  10. So beautiful and cherful! You are an artist!!

  11. Its the perfect fabric though I do understand how it is hard to cut into some. Love the finished hanging.

  12. This is so fun and will bring a smile to your face every time you look at it. Yes, I too love the binding process - so satisfying.

  13. Hi! I am new on Your blog.Your work is ameizing.I love a colors.But I never seen some tutorials.Will You put some explane for invisible stitch You done?
    Hugs from Serbia,


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