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Friday, 27 February 2015

still applique

It is a beautiful sunny day today, blue sky, it nearly feels like spring is on the way. Oh, we could be easily fooled! We have had all sorts of weather during the past week; sun, heavy rain, strong winds, hail stones, even a dusting of snow; temperatures going up and down.
This morning even the bird bath was frozen over.

There are some small signs of spring in the garden.

New shoots on the hydrangea and the newly planted Compassion rose from David Austin also eager to get going.

I am having a rest from the St Germain quilt for a while, but not from applique.
I have picked up Yoko Saito's quilt, which has been neglected for some time.

I am working on the border now, planting trees, putting up street lamps, building steps.

Thank you for stopping by, and I wish you all a very nice weekend.

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  1. It will become very beautiful, seems we are both working on house quilts -
    have a great weekend

  2. The Yoko Saito quilt looks lovely-- even spring is happening in her quilt-- with those trees sprouting the leaves!

  3. What a wonderful quilt, you have really been busy. Hope spring comes soon for you.

  4. What great pictures! You applique quilt seems gorgeous and I am eager to see it finished!

  5. The little dog makes me smile ��!

  6. The quilt is looking beautiful love the pattern and hope to start mine in the next couple of months :)

  7. Such tiny wee pieces, Radka. You are doing a fine job of it too.

  8. I remember this one! Loved watching the houses grow and those a very cute trees, lamp posts etc

  9. What a couple of intricate pieces you are working on! They both look lovely.


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