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Sunday, 26 April 2015

My Mystery Afghan Knit-a-Long

designed by Martin Storey for Rowan 
knitted in Pure Wool Worsted
approx size 120cm x 160cm
colours as per the original design

It has been fun, but I am glad to see it finished.
You would think that it is rather the wrong time of year for a warm blanket, 
but with the weather turning cold again, it could still come very handy.
Knitted in soft 100% wool, it is jolly warm!

Go and have a look at Jaana's blog , 
she is knitting baby blankets for Ghana, also using squares, but in same colour. It looks very nice.

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  1. Really pretty, Radka, enjoy to use it -

  2. Stunning Radka and I really love that border too. It will be so cosy next winter!

  3. That has turned out beautifully. I love it.

  4. Beautiful - and I love the edging. xx

  5. a lovely blanket and as you say the warm weather seems to have left us so you can keep warm and snug wrapped up in it

  6. Hi Radka, I'm bogged down with paperwork today, and I have just had a treat catching up with your blog.

    Your Afgan is perfect for this cold spell, and it looks lovely. I enjoyed visiting the show, gosh where do you start, or even finish?!!! I have a lucet hiding somewhere.

    I drooled over the Banana and Cinnamon cake it looks so delicious.

    Oh well, back to work!

  7. Any keen knitter will greatly admire your lovely blanket. I know how you feel about being pleased it is finished. I always do too, then miss it!!

    You found some interesting things at the how. I also bought a lucet from that gentleman at a previous show but can,t say I have got on very well with it.

    Also got a small wooden one from the Viking Centre in York, which I haven,t tried yet.

  8. Wow, very nice Radka. Love the colours

  9. a beautiful blanket ! lovely border...


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