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Saturday, 11 April 2015

postal avalanche

You know how there are weeks when the postman just doesn't bring anything interesting? And then it happens all at once!

Well this was the week when it all happened......

Valdani threads first. 
I have never used them before, they are not readily available in local shops. Much more expensive then DMC for instance, so I want to know if they really are so much better.

I am new to shopping on Etsy, but I was browsing Internet for a hanging plant pot for our new kitchen (when we'll have a new kitchen - girl has to plan ahead, small details are so important) and came across this lovely pot on Piece of Clay website. 
It arrived this week - from Holland. It will have to wait until summer to perform its function, but I already know exactly where it will hang.

Another Etsy purchase, Landscape Sky fabric, from a fellow blogger Deborah and Quilt Routes.

Just beautiful! 

I hope the camera picked up the gold shimmer here.

This is the BIG one, all the way from Australia:

my prize from Barbara's giveaway on her blog  Theodora Cleave .
How generous is this? What a selection. I am so chuffed! 
Thank you Barbara!

I was having my breakfast this  morning, when the postman brought this.
So I made a fresh pot of coffee and lost myself in the world of cakes, tarts and biscuits, many made with seasonal fresh fruit, and with sugar very often substituted by maple syrup or honey. With beautiful photographs, I could smell the cakes by just reading the ingredients! 
Pure bliss! 

We have been having a wonderful week of sunshine. Although much colder today than the rest of the week, we still have a beautiful bright day. Our little garden is really waking up now.
I am very pleased how well the young olive tree (in the black and green pot) survived the winter.

The new plum tree, planted in the autumn, is covered in blossom.

Freshly planted herb bed by the kitchen door;

and DH's rock garden is also slowly filling up.

The garden bench is waiting......

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  1. Very beautyful things and a wonderful garden, here ist also very warm and it feels like spring -

  2. I love everything about your garden - but especially your herb bed and the rock garden. Fantastic idea. It has been a special week for you with all those new things -cook book inclusive - I also love to look into them - when I am hungry for cake - nearly always the case.XX

  3. Wonderful pictures, you have such a lovely garden!

  4. I just love your garden full stop. But that herb garden would make me stop and want to pick them. You have a good postman bringing you all those lovely gifts Radka

  5. Gotta LOVE the Postman xx ... and your garden x

  6. Your garden is looking lovely, what a change ! Lots of great mail especially the Theodora parcel:)

  7. What a wonderful garden.It will take me long time to get one at my bungalow.But I am looking forward:-))

  8. Oh, you have lovely Spring in your garden already. It looks so warmly.
    I also like your new threads. Are they natural dyed?

  9. Valdani thread looks exciting. I wonder if it is true-color or folds in the wash?
    Looking forward to see what you plant in the nice pot.
    Sky Landscape fabric is absolutely magical! Is it cotton?
    And a huge congratulations to your nice animals profits with all the cute animals from Theodora Cleave.
    Thank you for sharing with you the joy. Fun with letters!


  10. Great stash you have there Radka ;)
    Your garden is taking shape so quickly. When you have finished there you can come and sort out mine!

  11. What lovely things were brought by the postman. I do like Valdani threads-- they do sew beautifully. Your spring garden looks gorgeous. That is a lucky win--- lots of buttons. Lastly, thank goodness reading recipe books gives us lots of pleasure without the calories! Enjoy all those lovely things.

  12. Your garden looks so lovely and welcoming, nice to dream of all the summer ahead, to enjoy out there.

    The threads do look very nice, it will be interesting to see how you use them, do show us when you do.

  13. so much pretty post, you have bought beautiful fabric and those buttons, your garden is pretty, we have sunshine just now but the wind is like fullstorm, things flies.Take care Jaana

  14. Lucky Girl !
    Spring are soon here too. I love it !!

  15. Bellissimo post pieno di cose belle. Complimenti per il tuo giardino. Il tessuto è bellissimo. Baci

  16. Hello Radka, I haven't heard of Valdni Threads . Wow a lovely prize ,exciting opening the mail. I love the little birds. Also the hanging pottery pot in the earth tones.

  17. What a lovely collection of post! I hope that you will let us know how you get on with the Valdani threads. That fabric is GORGEOUS and your garden is delightful. xx

  18. Those threads look lovely. You will have to tell us how they are to stitch with when you get round to using them and I love the little pot too. Garden looking fantastic and yes I think I would get lost in that book for a very long time too lol.

  19. Hi,
    Beautiful threads and I love the landscape fabric!
    Thank you for stopping by as well!

    Very best wishes,

  20. Your garden is looking brilliant, Radka. Lovely mail you have received.


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