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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Yoko Saito

Although nothing to do with Yoko Saito, I have posted this picture first, because it just sums up the glorious spring weather outside. After a horrid week, Easter Sunday brought us sunshine and warmth at last.

And at last I have started a long journey of hand quilting Yoko Saito's Mystery Quilt, published originally as BOM by Quiltmania magazine.

As some of you probably know, it is not always easy to get Yoko's books in English translation.
So I am even more pleased about the 3 new additions to my bookshelves.

I can safely say that I have enjoyed making this quilt; I have had much fun in "building" my village.

So, "Houses, houses, houses" was something I just "must have". So many new ideas for "house building"!

The next book, although called "Scandinavian Quilts", was actually inspired by Yoko's visit to Swedish region of Dalarna, well known for their handicrafts, where they still use traditional designs and methods. 
I have visited this region myself several times, and like so many other tourists (including Swedes), 
I fell in love with Dalarna. 
Needless to say, that this book is very close to my heart.

And like myself, Yoko found 
an inspiration in the house of artists Carl and Karin Larsson in Sundborn and she devotes a chapter to her visit there. 

We loved our visit there so much, that we visited the house again;
 this picture is from our visit in 2010. 

And of course, the Dala horses.

The latest arrival is "Floral Bouquet Quilts".

Again, as in her previous books, lots of beautiful applique, embroidery and quilting.
The fabrics Yoko like to use for her projects are not necessarily my choice; I prefer to use brighter fabrics. But I love her designs and get very inspired by them.

I mentioned Quiltmania magazines.

Besides the bi- monthly Quiltmania magazine, they also publish 4 times a year "Quiltmania Special" and "Simply Vintage" (besides many books, including those by Yoko Saito, of course).
 You might be interested that from next autumn there no longer will be in existence the "Special" issue of Quiltmania; it will be replaced by more "modern" version, to mirror "Simply Vintage". 

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  1. Hello, dear Radka, these houses are indeed wonderful lovely and gorgeous. They are so sweet! I think it is also a must-have for me.
    How strange that some of your photos don't open on my iPad but I could see them on the Macbook Air.

  2. Thank you so much for introducing this books to us, they seem to be very inspiring -

  3. Enjoy your hand quilting journey love the quilt and anything Yoko Saito :)

  4. Yoko Saito's works are inspirational.

  5. I'm glad you finally have some decent weather. I've never heard of Yoko Saito, her work is definitely lovely. There is a quilt hop here in Colorado next weekend, I will definitely be on the lookout for it.

  6. Hallo Radka!
    Will be nice to follow your journey with the houses. Nice to read about your trip to Sweden and Dalarna.
    Greetings from
    Quiltarkatt Lena in Stockholm

  7. They all look fantastic. Her style is lovely and I really like those placemats


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