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Saturday, 23 May 2015

beautiful new book

First BBQ of the year; has the summer arrived at last?
It has been a beautiful day, a real pleasure to be outside; I even managed to do some "stitching in the garden".
 Unfortunately, not so good forecast for the rest of the bank holiday weekend, so DH and I made most of today.

This lovely book arrived in this morning's post.
For some time I have been trying to find a pattern embroidery book with designs from my part of the world, it is not so easy. 
Published in France somewhere around 1920 - 1930 for D.M.C. Library, the book has 20 pages of very familiar designs, and also a section of patterns "to reproduce, enlarge or reduce" for some of the designs in the book.
Below each picture is also a suggestion for a D.M.C. thread to use, including a shade number. 
It will be interesting to check how many of those shades are still in existence.
I came across the book on Etsy, on Sew Much Frippery , vintage patterns and notions.


This is a real gem and in very good condition, considering the age of the book. 
I am very pleased I have found it.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!

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  1. How nice, Radka, I am sure you will enjoy looking inside and have some great memories -

  2. What a great book of beautiful embroideries, it's wondeful that you found it. Have you decided which design to sew first?

  3. well... we have to expect rain or it would not be a PROPPER Bank Holiday xx garden looks great .. and the book xx

  4. What a find-- it looks like a great book of embroideries. The colours are stunning.

  5. certainly a great find you have there

  6. Je to perla, taková knížka. Už jenom ji mít v knihovničce, občas si ji otevřít, potěšit se a žasnout nad umem takzvaně nevzdělaných lidí. Kdo by tohle dokázal dnes?

  7. What a beautiful book and a great find. xx

  8. You are going to have so much fun with these lovely designs Radka


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