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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

slow month, but a new challenge is here

Being spoilt by warm April, we are now shivering in cold winds and heavy rain showers and only dreaming about stitching outside. 

When the sun comes out, it is wonderfully warm, but only short lived. 
It looks much better looking from inside out.

My stitching has slowed down also. 
Oh, I have plans and intentions, but just can't get going.

All that rain has made our little garden look very green, 
but now we need to add some colour to bring it alive.

When I finished my Afghan Knit-a-Long, one of my lovely followers said that she too always looks forward to finishing a project, but then she miss it.
And that is just what has happened to me this time; not having knitted for some time, I forgot the enjoyment of handling good wool. The Afghan was a large project and I surprised myself how quickly (for me anyway) I finished it. I still have another knitting piece on a go, but I have arrived to a rather boring part, which is not so much fun, so the going is slow.

But a new challenge has arrived in a form of a parcel from France, from Renaissance Dyeing,
"the home of naturally plant dyed yarn and threads".

I bought embroidery threads from them before, so I knew how lovely they are.
This time I decided on a rather large new project, and a true challenge -
 crocheted "Bohemian Rhapsody Wrap" .

The design is using all 75 naturally, hand dyed shades of very fine, beautifully soft lace lambswool,
and crochet hook 3 mm.
I used to crochet quite a bit, but that was years ago. Now well out of practice, this is a real challenge for me, so don't hold your breath, it will take some time!

The design is by Mary Lena Lynx and you can read more about it on her blog .

How is your month going?

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  1. Dear Radka,
    what a beautiful new project, also your garden Looks so fresh -
    have a good time

  2. this project is going to be lovely, such a beautiful range of colours you are using.
    Weather up here in Leeds is also nasty¬ more like march than may

  3. Your garden looks beautiful Radka - wet pictures always bring out the depth of colour in everything. Love your new project - had a look on the Renaissance web site. Gorgeous threads. Enjoy. xx

  4. I love your flowers and your threads Radka, it seems you are having a wonderful project and wow a parcel from France!!

  5. Looking forward to your new project!

  6. Your new project looks very interesting. Hope we can see progress photos. My son and his wife are now in Surrey and I have seen photos of the changing weather, which hopefully will settle down to spring and summer soon.

    I know the feeling of not being able to get started on projects.....wish I could borrow some energy from somewhere.

    Love those colours of the wool I must have a look at the link.


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