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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Bohemian FNwF

Firstly THANK YOU to Cheryll for hosting yet another Friday Night with Friends.

What was I working on this Friday night? Well, I am rather addicted to my latest project,

 and I finished the second unit  (of 18 in total).

And this how the first 2 units look joined together.

It has been a beautiful sunny weekend in my part of the world, although still chilly when the sun disappears behind the cloud.

I wish you all a very productive week! 

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  1. I can see why you love it, such gorgeous colours. Enjoy making the wrap...

  2. Completed units looks lovely..

  3. Looks very nice, here it is very warm, really summer at ist best -

  4. Love love love your Bohemian Rhapsody Wrap as much as I love Brahms Hungarian Rhapsody!!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous!! I can see why you're addicted to this project!!

  6. this is coming along beautifully.

  7. Nice to see I wasn't the only one crocheting Friday night, I love your bright and happy looking blocks :) Barb.

  8. Beautiful colours and work, will look fabulous !!

  9. Stunning header photograph and your crochet is looking gorgeous. Glad you had some good weather - it's been beautiful here too. xx

  10. Really lovely colourful project, don't want to mention (winter!!) but .... it will be nice and cosy to wear then.

  11. It's so joyful to work with all thes beautiful colors. Wishing you a good progress in your crocheting. I'm sure the final result will be overwhelming!

  12. Looks lovely, such pretty colors. I can see why your addicted to working on it.


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