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Sunday, 21 June 2015

despite the constant cold wind, it must be summer

because it is the longest day today, but also because my "summer play cloth" has come out of the box! 
This is a project which really only comes out in the summer; it doesn't feel right to stitch on it at any other time. Don't ask me why; may it has to do with the indigo dyed fabrics, process which needs warmth of a sunny day; may be the bright colours of fabrics and threads I am using here.
The indigo fabrics and some of the beautiful threads have come from Tiggy at I'd rather be in India blog. 
The idea here is to fill up every block with some kind of an embroidery or applique, or both.
There is no plan, no pattern.
Just take some fabric and threads and play, see where it takes me.

Needless to say, that this is a very slow project.

Some of the blocks finished during previous summers:

I have finished the first 2 blocks of "Mrs Beasley's Sampler Quilt,

and the instructions for block 3 are waiting in this issue of Vignette magazine.

Art Quilting Studio magazine, published only twice a year, is new to me. 
I saw it on Anneliese's blog  and managed to find UK supplier.
It arrived yesterday.
Very inspiring.

In UK you can get from Rainbow Silks . 

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  1. I love your blue summer play cloth quilt :-). It is great. The Mrs. Beastley's Blocks are beuatiful.
    We also have such a Cold Wind .... I want proper summer weather now!

  2. Oh love your fabric and colour choices Radka , looking forward to see the finished project !!!

  3. your summer project is a lovely piece, how lovely to have something like this to pick up and put down as you feel like it. The Mrs Beasley sampler quilt is coming along beautifully too.
    Cold and drizzly here in Leeds too

  4. Dear Radka,

    the blocks are gorgeous ... and embroidering so beautiful!

    Greetings from Germany

  5. Hey Radka It is summer - nice to see the indigo quilt again, and it is looking so good. Mrs. B's quilt is a delight. Happy stitching in the sun (it's pouring with rain here today!)

  6. What a beautiful summer project Radka - I love what you have done so far - so sunny and warm looking. Mrs Beasley is lookin ggreat too. Hope you get some warm weather soon. xx

  7. I can see why it's a summer quilt, at first glance it seems like a cool pool.

    At one time I always used to stitch seasonable projects, mostly cross stitch. Couldn't face Christmas projects except at that time of year.

    Just love the pastel colours on Mrs B's quilt.

  8. Dear Radka,
    what a nice summer project. The bathhouses have wonderful summer colors. If the weather cooperates, you can maybe sew in the garden. Your embroideries are so beautiful to look at. I wish you much joy with your lovely Quilt !

  9. Loving your stitching on the blue quilt....just so vibrant

  10. I love Mrs. Beasley's sampler - what you did with it. And all your "old" stitchings are beautiful. The play cloth is very inspiring and lovely.

  11. Wow, lovely blocks! Hand stitching is slow work , you must be patient.


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