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Saturday, 22 August 2015

have a quick look, it won't last

There must have been something in the air recently, quite a few bloggers have been sorting their rooms, or at least their fabric stash.
My room also got to the point when I just did not want to be in there, and definitively did not encourage any creativity. So this was a job for a couple of rainy days; sort our few books for a charity shop, fold and put away fabrics no longer in use, or at least put them in relevant project boxes, dust and clean. 
I got into a habit to have separate project boxes for each project, with all relevant fabrics, threads etc; I find this really works for me, because I tend to go from one project to another, depending on a mood.

I haven't yet got around to "de-stashing", I don't think I am quite ready for it.

So welcome to my work room;
 it is smaller than my room in our previous house, but I still have my room, which is the main thing. But of course, smaller fills up quicker.

It is just of the upstairs landing; DH took the door of - it is not needed and it gives me more space.

This is my pride and joy, 
the Nova Horn cabinet , which I bought when I was still working full time. It doesn't get folded away very often, I like to have my sewing machine "on stand by".
But of course the air lift system allows the machine to be pushed down out of the way and cabinet to be be fully closed.

DH cut me a piece of wood to go across the top when the machine is lowered, so I can use it as a working desk.

Next to the Horn cabinet is a draw unit with all my threads.

In the corner is a small craft table which I use for cutting out fabrics,

and behind me are bookshelves and a large storage unit for my fabrics, knitting wool, buttons....and magazines on the top.

Hanging by the window is a small ironing board, which I can put across the top of the low units when I need to.

I hope you all are having a creative weekend!

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  1. Love your area and so well organised. Also your thread cupboard and thread boxes Very impressive storage Radka !!

  2. What a practical sewing room--great ideas. And it is very neat!

  3. Wow, you are very organized. Your Lift System is wonderful and the cabinet on the right side of it with your threads and needles etc.pp.
    I wish, my sewing room would look like yours. Not big but practical(hope it is the right word).
    Maybe tomorrow i hae time to clean all.

    Have a nice sunday.


  4. Your room is very well organised. I love the folding craft table that must be a big asset for a small area. Can it be made to different heights.

  5. this looks an inviting room to sew in, I have spotted a few things I also have the horn cabinet but unfortunately I sew in the kitchen and there is not room for it, good idea having the piece of wood to make use of it in other ways. Really useful boxes what would we do without them. Your craft table is a handy addition, could do with one of those and like you the ikea ironing obard I find very handy, must pad it out more though as it is too hard .

  6. Small but perfectly formed space Radka, I hope my new space becomes as organised as that in due course, great idea having ' project boxes' I am working towards the same end. Lorraine.

  7. Hi Radka, the order in your room is impressive! I love a clean workspace but it doesn't usually last very long...I hope you are more successful in this area than me!

  8. Wow! Radka, I am so impressed, it looks very interesting. So very organised. The garden is looking lovely too.

  9. It so lovely to see your sewing room. I've been sorting mine out recently too. I like how your ironing board hangs up.

  10. I love your well organised sewing room. It will be wonderful to work there, although it probably won't stay that pristine for long. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  11. What a good, organized space! I'm sure you will spend many happy hours in it creating lovely quilts.

  12. What a nice room I wish I had one so the sewing maschin could be there easy to use when ever .

  13. Dear Radka,
    you can come to me and my sewing room also organize so beautiful?
    I wish you many creative hours in your wonderful sewing room.
    Have a lucky week

  14. Small space needs to be well organized. You did it! I love the boxes for the different projects or fabrics. (I have got boxes like this - sorted by colours - it is so practical)

  15. I can add no further words, it's all been said! Yeah!!!!! Your room looks fab.

  16. What a lovely space! And so good to have everything together in one room. xx

  17. Hi, Radka! Looks a great sewing room ,lovely and neat. It is nice having a window for some natural light. I must organise myself to have project boxes as I also have a few happening at once. I think we always wish for a bigger space. I am reorganising at the moment.

  18. Dear Radka.
    What a nice room. It might be small, but it is yours :-) and that is important. You are very organized and I find your room cozy.
    Greetings from Denmark,


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