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Friday, 21 August 2015

return to St Germain

This week I finished block no 3 of Mrs Beasley's Sampler quilt, most of it indoors, because the weather has been unpredictable; we had some nice days earlier in the week, but wet again since mid week. At least it is not cold.

Blocks no 1 & 2.
They all need a good pressing.
Block no 4 is yet to be published.

It has been a while since I did any work on the St Germain quilt; I think I needed a rest from all those leaves :-)

So I am now preparing the second part of the outer border.
I will try to mirror the first part as much as I can.

Our garden is 2 years old, and at last it is starting to attract more wild life.
By planting trees we made it easy for birds to visit; the blackbird and his young have actually stripped most of the berries from the young rowan tree already!
Some days, when the sun is out, the garden is buzzing with bees, and they particularly love marjoram and oregano in my herb patch.
Unfortunately the White Cabbage butterfly has made himself at home, laying his eggs and so leaving us with too many caterpillars.
But this beauty, the Red Admiral, is a pleasure to see, first time since we moved in.

I wish you all a busy stitching weekend!
Thank you for your visit.

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  1. Dear Radka,
    your Mrs.Beasleys blocks are so pretty! I love them so much.
    Your St.Germain quilt will be pretty. I feel with you, with so many leaves I would need a rest, too.
    Nice photos with the red Admiral. I don't see one during the last years in our garden.
    Have a nice weekend with a lot of sewing fun!
    Hugs Marle

  2. I love your blocks for the Mrs. Beasley's Sampler. It's going to be stunning. Is it a QAL or a BOM? And the borders for your St. Germain quilt is stunning too. Your applique is fantastic by the way. I hope some more summery days are in store for you before Autumn makes its entrance.

  3. I admire your patient! Both quilts are so lovely!

  4. Your Mrs. Beasley quilt is very pretty with those soft colours. I am loving the st. germain quilt, it is going to be a stunner. It is good that the herbs are attracting the bees, but the catapillars are not what you want.

    That red butterfly is amazing. Hope the weather improves soon.

  5. Mrs Beasley blocks are so beautiful and delicate. Your St Germain quilt is coming along well too, nice piece of hand stitching. I hope you will be sharing some photos of your garden, it would be good to see how it has florished since you started from scratch

  6. You are sewing so wonderful things,I got jalous:-))
    What am I doing?Not much:-))

    Hugs Gudrun

  7. your borders look the same on the photo. I hate to sew the long strips, but i love to applique the leaves. St. Germain Quilt will be great.


  8. Mrs Beasly is looking beautiful and the border for St Germain is lovely. Great that you are getting some wildlife - it is always good to see a Red Admiral. xx


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