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Sunday, 9 August 2015

what is on my bedside table?

or rather - what is on my garden table? (as I have been spending quite a lot of time outside this weekend).

"SIMPLY MODERNE" -  this is a brand new magazine being published by Quiltmania, to mirror their "Simply Vintage".
I have also been told that this is to replace their "Special" issues.
Whichever is the case, I like this new issue very much, it is a place to show new ideas in quilts.
But of course, I am bias, Quiltmania magazines are my favourite; I like them all.
And yes, I have found something in there which has already gone on my "must do" list!

You can browse through a part of the magazine on their website .

This is not so new book, in fact first published some 15 years ago.The author is new to me and I have only just started reading it, so no recommendations, yet.

But I like the dedication by the author; I quote:

"For my beloved grandparents, Maria and Lev Handler, who have lived through
World War I, the Russian Revolution and the Russian Civil War,
 who have lived through World War II, 
the siege of Leningrad and evacuation, 
through famine and purges, through Lenin and Stalin, 
and in the golden twilight of their lives, through twenty non-air-conditioned summers of New York.
God bless you."

I will let you know....

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  1. wow what a beautiful new Haeder! I would love to be in your garden.
    The book sounds very interesting, I'm curious on your opinion after reading. Have a nice week !

  2. I will keep my eyes wide open -next time when I go to a journal shop in France.

  3. seeing the magazine reminded me that I meant to go back to their stand at FOQ last weekend but forgot not enough time so did not check out the new magazine, are you doing the quilt in their last special, the very small piece one?

  4. Always interseting with new magazines.Your garden looks lovely,I need manyyyy:-))years to get one. So dry here on Öland.

  5. Quiltmania i read since years deliverd from France 6 times a year. The new magazine i have to order seperatly.
    I am more a "old quilter" vintagstyle, Dear Jane Style...but more and more i use bright and fresh colours. Maybe, the upcoming baby this month makes me younger and opens my mind for this.


  6. Dear Radka.
    I love your new Photo at the top of the blog - the beautiful look into your garden.
    The new Quilt Mania looks interesting. Have to see if I can get it at my local shop.
    Have a nice evening.
    Greetings from DK,

  7. This looks like an interesting book, will put it on my list.

  8. Love your new header ,the magazine looks interesting will pop over and have a look thanks Radka :)

  9. The header of your garden is so pretty. I can remember what you started with and it looks so amazing now. The pink hydrangeas are really lovely. Enjoy reading in the sun your new books.

  10. Your garden is looking wonderful in the header picture. What a lovely dedication to the author's family. My they have survived a lot of trials and tribulations.
    That quilt book looks interesting.

  11. Hi Radka, here I am again. On the website of the magazin Simply Moderne it is the French version. Do you have it in English? -- English would be much easier to read. It does exist in English, doesn't it?
    Thanks for your answer, dear Radka.


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