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Tuesday, 22 September 2015


I would like to dedicate this post to my 10 year old granddaughter.
I am not posting her picture; sadly there are those who like to misuse pictures of children, but take it from me, she is very  pretty - and this is her grandmother's "objective" opinion :-)

I posted some of her work here before - going back some 4 years. 

Then we played with paper and pencils, 

and progressed to pieces of fabrics and threads,

collected autumn leaves and made pictures 

then we discovered felt

and needle and thread

Anna joined a sewing club at the school and there was no end of little creations; 
during school holidays we spend lots of time in my sewing room.

This is something she designed and made herself for the village show - 
a set of lavender bags to hang on the wall, hand stitched.

Earlier this year together we started a project - a present for Anna's mum's birthday, which is in the summer. 
A Baking Cloth - something you use when baking, to cover your bowl, instead of a tea towel. 
I made one for myself way back, adapting a Norwegian pattern. I use it all the time.
This was quite a challenge for Anna:
although she has already mastered several embroidery stitches, so much back stitch in one go was a lot to ask, but she stuck with it. I did the patchwork part for her; she chose the fabrics from mine and hers stash (yes, this little girl already has her own stash of fabrics!)

At the start of the summer Anna asked me to teach her to knit. We spent an afternoon playing with knitting needles - she went home knowing how to do it.
 No masterpiece yet, but "watch this space".

During the school holiday this summer she asked me to show her how the sewing machine works.
I knew this wasn't just about "showing". That was when I got nervous, 10 year old fingers ........
I changed the foot speed to low and crossed my fingers.
I did not need to worry; by the time she went home, she was sewing away, practising on a piece of fabric. She learnt  how to thread the machine, and keep her fingers away from the needle.
The following week she arrived - "grandma, I want to make something on the sewing machine.
I want to make a cushion."

Again - all the fabrics and arrangement was her idea; I cut out the squares for her. 
I just can't imagine a rotary cutter in those little hands, yet.
And she was away. She took the cushion home to embellish and stuff, even practising little quilting.

This is it.

  One more quick project, just to keep her hand in :-)

Did I tell you she is pretty? :-) And clever and funny?
She also does swimming, cross country running, gymnastics.
And she is my stitching friend.

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  1. You are lucky to have such a lovely granddaughter, and she is lucky to have such a lovely grandmother!:-)

  2. What a lovely world-to people who love each other and have the same interest.What a luck!
    Hugs Gudrun

  3. She must be a wonderful Girl and I am sure you have great times together -

  4. Anna sounds like such a kindred spirit, it would be lovely to have someone so young and eager to learn more beside you as you sew, may there be many more days ahead like these for you both :) Barb.

  5. You have the best stitching friend in the world. I hope that one day I will get that kind of friend too :)

  6. This is such a special and beautiful post about your grand daughter and her wonderful creative projects. I especially love that she is your stitching friend. My grandmother taught me to sew and garden, such a precious gift and they have remained my 2 favourite things throughout my life.

  7. That is just so lovely Radka - beautiful post. xx

  8. What a precious stitching friend! Lovely works!
    Precious works. Congratulations to Anna and to her grandmother!

  9. Wonderful Radka, can't wait to get my own little princess started, she already wants to.knit! But does not yet quite have the dexterity in her little 4yr old hands. Have fun. Lorraine.

  10. No doubt that your grand daughter is a very pretty and talented little girl!
    Such sweet creations!

  11. Anna has certainly got your stitching genes some lovely pieces here it is hard to believe she is only 10, keep it up Anna, I think a swing machine will be on her need and want list in the near future. You are so lucky to have Anna wanting to stitch with you I must own up to being rather envious as neither of my girls of Sal my granddaughter who is nearly 18 show signs of wanting to learn.

  12. What a beautiful story Radka. This is a lovely bonding time that can never be broken. That is what I hope will happen with Jorja - who has just turned 9. Her other nanna is a knitter so I'm not going to teach her that. When she went to school after her time with me apparently she told them all at Show & Tell that next time she visits she will be making a quilt!!!! Her daddy took one of the little coasters to work to put on his desk and she was thrilled.


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