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Sunday, 27 September 2015

soaking up vitamin D and cake for tea

Another glorious sunny day in our part of the world!

Making most of it - soon it is will be too cold to do this - so little more stitching in the garden today - finishing the border around the central panel of the Pansy Tile 
in long-legged cross stitch. 

Last night's baking - Blueberry and lemon cake;
 it is the first time I made this low fat and low sugar cake. And it still tastes great, I will make it again.
It is from this book by Lorraine Pascale.

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  1. Your cake, i can smell it....mmmmmhhhhh.

    Wonderful stitchery, i only use cross-stitch. I tried long years ago some like yours, and we never could use it on table. Like a lot of little mountains, because i stitch to tight(real word)?
    But your pansy looks great. Is this a stand alone stitchery? Or from a sampler?

    Hugs to you
    Iris, still knitting

  2. Love your stitchery.The cake:mums:-)))
    hugs Gudrun

  3. Dear Radka, Your stitching and baking looks very good. I will com for tea -

  4. the pansy is a delight so lifelike. Cake looks very tasty too. What a good idea the slide show you have added about to check it out now

  5. I have copied the link to this so I can browse your work at my hearts content and return to it often so many lovely pieces on this slide show

  6. Beautiful stitchery and that cake looks scrumptious! I must look for this book as I'm trying to cut down on the sugar I eat :) Barb.

  7. Your pansy is looking gorgeous and that cake looks delish - I do love her books but I don't have that one. xx

  8. I really like you pansy stitching. It is lovely. The cake looks delicious. Your header photo is stunning so bright and with such strong colour.

  9. Hello Radka, The cake looks delicious, with some of my big grandsons living around the corner It wouldn't last a day here. I loved seeing your cross stitches. I am about to start a Christmas one I haven't cross stitched for years and hubby made a frame for it today and I'm ready to start. A bit scary!!


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