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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Sunday baking

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while, know that we moved house just over 2 years ago, leaving a house in a small village and an established garden ( 20 years of loving care), and moved to a smaller house in the town, with tiny garden, which had very little in it - both the house and the garden became a new challenge.
2 years of work and the house is more or less finished, and the garden (despite its size) has been transformed, but there still is work to be done. But that is the fun of gardening, it is never finished.
We planted trees, to give us shade and to attract birds into out lifeless patch, and it worked.
One of the new trees is a quince, and this year it has given us the first real harvest - a dozen of these large beauties, a rather unexpected bonus from such a young tree.

We had never grown quince before, so we are thrilled that the tree has done so well.

So, what to do with the fruit?

Yes, there is the usual quince jelly, but I have come across a recipe for 
for a quince marmalade, which sounds little more interesting.

Quite timely, the "Delicious" magazine published in their October issue an article about quince fruit,

with some cooking ideas, including a cake, "Spiced Quince and Ginger Upside Down Cake",

which became my "Sunday baking " today.

It takes some time to prepare caramelised quinces, but well worth the effort, especially as you are getting a wonderful aroma of quinces all around the house while they are cooking. 

And this is the result,

the best upside down cake I have ever tasted; moist and spicy, with a unique quince taste, and quinces changed their colour to a beautiful pinky red.
The recipe suggest to serve it with a caramel custard, but I think this is so nice just as it is, I don't believe any addition would do it a justice.

In fact, we are so impressed with our harvest, that we have been out in the garden this afternoon to see if there is possibly some space left for another quince tree!

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  1. I love reading about your garden! Now I want a quince tree too:-)

  2. Earth can be pretty heavenly sometimes, and the making of your quince cake is one of those times.

  3. Beautiful big apples!!! Your quince looks so delicious :)

  4. How lucky to have such a great crop! Your cake looks indeed delicious!

  5. mouthwatering looks delicious, my fruit trees were not much good, no pears,
    15 plums, lots of cherries the birds ate before I picked them and apples that were very small from the established tree but none from the younger one, blame the weather but might be due to lack of feeding etc

  6. It look great!
    Here in Portugal there are many quince trees and each Autumn we used to make quince marmalade and jelly from the inner seeds. I used to do a lot during three days.... (https://avomeri.wordpress.com/2013/11/19/marmelada-season-is-over/

  7. Looks delicious - I am off to see if I have any fruit left in the garden! Quince paste is nice served the Spanish way with a hard manchego cheese. I do love the pretty pink the fruit goes when it is cooked. xx

  8. Oh that looks just wonderful! I have never heard of quince. Very interesting indeed

  9. I've never had a quince, but I'll try it Lin's way. We don't do sugar in our house and if you saw my mom with her diabetes, you would know why!

  10. Radka, ja som dule ešte nikdy nejedla, neviem, či to niekde na Slovensku rastie, ale v obchodoch to vôbec nie je. Tvoje dulové variácie vyzerajú skvelo, hneď by som vyskúšala :-)

  11. I love quinces. Stewed with some apple. Delicious. The change in colour is beutiful isn't it.
    I think I need to try the cake recipe too.

  12. Looks and sounds Delicious thank you for sharing Rafka !

  13. I love the smell of quinces, and that cake looks divine!!

  14. Radko, taky máme na zahradě kdoule. urodily se malé, ale krásně voní. květy má ten keř zářivě růžové, prostě nádherné. děkuji za inspiraci, co s nimi. ten tvůj koláč vypadá úžasně.


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