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Sunday, 1 November 2015

1st November

The past week was very changeable, early frost one morning, but all changed again as the week went on; heavy rain mid week, but getting warmer again.
 Halloween evening was dry and warm; we were expecting friends for dinner, so I was busy in the kitchen, while DH was distributing "treats" to small scary looking creatures ringing the doorbell; he thinks there was about 30 of them this year, accompanied by their parents.
And what a glorious Sunday; in some parts of the country they recorded the highest November temperatures ever, as other parts were shrouded in a fog.
We were the lucky ones, basking in full on sunshine and enjoying our lunch in the garden, with temperatures around here in high teens. 

We keep talking about "putting the garden to bed", but there is still so much growing out there, it seems the shame to cut it down.
The cosmos shot up last couple of month, it think it is a beanstalk. It is even still charming butterflies.

Abutilon will keep showing of until the really cold weather hits.

We planted a passion flower in the spring and it has done very well, but the buds failed to open, probably due to our cold summer this year. 
Lets hope for better result next year.

 The winter flowering clematis can't wait, the buds are forming earlier than last year.


It is hard to believe, but we have found a space in this tiny garden for one more flower bed, and this is the start of it; some plants are already lining up for it.

Next years this patch of dirt will be full of colour.

Not very much sewing going on; but now the autumn evenings are with us, I have returned to hand quilting my "houses" quilt, a slow progress.
And 4 more sets of flying geese blocks for "Cool Flying Geese" quilt.

Thank you for stopping by,
have a great stitching week!

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  1. Radka, krásne ti to v záhrade kvitne ešte aj v novembri!
    Šitie vyzerá v tých farbách super, teším sa na výsledok!

  2. I love your cosmos, mine are gone for long time ago now and great colours of flying geese, have a great week Jaana

  3. the gardens are as puzzled as we are with this mild weather! I have a rhododendron in flower and loads of forgetmeknots popping up all over the place. Afraid it will be different next week as my roof is being replaced, rain or even snow likely knowing my luck

  4. You have a wonderful garden.Hope mine is getting more of that later:-)).Have planted many bulbs,a beginning...
    Also here very warm and dry,very dry.
    Have a nice week.

  5. Your garden will be a jewel next year - and was already this year. You busy people! I like your fabrics -it is like that, I can't see mine anymore without thinking I should throw everything out and buy new - but then I won't.

  6. Wonderful pictures and great Kaffee Fassett Flying Geese!

  7. Krásná zahrádka i šití.-)

  8. Beautiful butterfly picture. We still have quite a few flowers in the garden including a beautiful clump of lobelia. Your flying geese are such lovely colours. xx


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