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Sunday, 29 November 2015

this and that

December is nearly here and Christmas round the corner - there is so much more to think about this time year. 
Which probably explains the slow stitching week.

But I did manage to make 3 more sets of flying geese for "Cool Flying Geese" quilt; that makes 23;
7 more to make for the main part of the quilt.

We are having horrid first Sunday of Advent,
rain and strong winds; it is really dark and grey outside, not good for taking pictures.

I have completed the bottom part of wool embroidery.
I am enjoying stitching these mystical flowers and creatures.

I have also been doing some more hand quilting of the Yoko Saito's quilt and more applique stitching on "St. Germain".

On the dining room wall  "Winter House" quilt, finished a year ago, has replaced  "Four Seasons Chickens" quilt, which had been hanging there for the past few months.

And I want to start baking some Christmas biscuits this week.

I hope you are having fun with all your Christmas preparation!

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  1. What beautiful projects you are working on. I love your embroidery! Such gorgeous work. I hope you are enjoying the first Advent Sunday. xx

  2. Very beautiful handicrafts!
    Have a good time!


  3. your geese are coming along well and the wool embroidery is a delight. Winter house looks so good on your wall, you have been busy. Also love the autumn leaf you have as your main picture glorious colours. Ashamed to say have not given a thought to Christmas yet must at least think about the cards for overseas in the next week.

  4. I love the fabrics of your flying geese. They are so good to see on this dark stormy weather which we are having like you up there (and a little to the west). ((This is coming from F....-track ok?)).. Nice that you changed your season's decoration. And I had a look at your St. Germainn's quilt. Ii is so beautiful. The side strip with leaves and flowers, I love it.

  5. Your geese are just perfect! I hope the weather gets better. I'm in Northern Colorado now and is it ever bright!

  6. The more I see of your flying geese the more I drool! I love the wool embroidery and the house hanging is perfect for the Christmas season. xx

  7. Love your winter quilt! Every year I say I will make one and I always leave it too late :)

  8. I love your embrodered reindeer. I am the 41 - Advent-calender-girl from the Åland Islands. Take a look at my blog on www.ateljeblafisken.wordpress.com


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