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Sunday, 15 November 2015

this week - back to St Germain

This weekend's stitching - automatically I turned to the somewhat neglected project box.
Perhaps this is my way of dealing with the feeling of sadness and helplessness of this weekend. 
The "St Germain" quilt is named after and paying a homage to that  beautiful part of Paris, St. Germain.
DH & I spent our honeymoon in Paris, 45 years ago this week.

I am now working on outer borders, 2 long and 2 shorter ones.
 One of the long borders is finished and yesterday I started on the other side, to mirror the first border.
It is a dull weekend, not ideal for taking pictures.

Earlier in the week I finished the yellow flower on the wool embroidery and nearly completed another one;

 I need to get more of the main colour thread to finish this one.

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  1. Google spelling ūüėē should be St Germain of course

  2. Livening your St. Germain and wow the wool flowers look great !

  3. Oh boy should be loving grrrr...

  4. your quilt is looking beautiful such a terrible time in Paris my heart goes out to all Parisians and those involved in these terrible atrocities. . The flowers are beautifully stitched.

  5. Wonderful all that you create!

  6. The flowers are so wonderfully stitched!

  7. What a beautiful quilt St Germain is going to be and the border is lovely. Gorgeous stitched flowers too Radka. xx

  8. Hello Radka, Beautiful stitched flowers. Love the designs. .St Germain is looking lovely. Yes I think it is the right time to bring it out to stitch and say a prayer for Paris.

  9. It may have been a dull day outside but you were surround with colour inside. All your projects are beautiful!

  10. Radu, nediv√≠m se, Ňĺe mysl√≠Ň° na PaŇô√≠Ňĺ... VŇ°ichni na ni chceme myslet a vzpom√≠nat na cesty s pocitem romantiky a neopakovateln√© atmosf√©ry a ne jako na terorizovan√© m√≠sto...
    Moc kr√°sn√° pr√°ce!
    Posílám pozdravy, Helena

  11. I think it's lovely that you worked on your St Germain quilt and thought about those precious lives lost in Paris.
    It's a beautiful quilt - I love the colours and the design.
    We were married 45 years in April of this year.
    Thank you for your comment Radka.

  12. It is good that you have lovely memories of Paris at a time when it was safe . Let us hope it will be again. Your St Germain quilt is amazing as is all of your work.

  13. so beautiful,both the quilt and the woolflowers, I must find that book. take care Jaana

  14. Your wool embroidery is just gorgeous! and I love that long applique border - can see hours of enjoyable work there :)


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