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Thursday, 10 December 2015

nice things in small parcels

Don't you just love the little parcels the postman brings?

This lovely small book has come from Sweden, my order from Tulips & Roses.
Yes, it is all in Swedish, and no, I don't speak it, but it doesn't seem to matter; it is the inspiration I am looking for.
I am enjoying my wool embroidery right now and this book is packed full of lovely designs.

Also some more Appleton crewel wool arrived from Hand - embroidered to add to my stash of beautiful shades, which has been growing very nicely recently.
I love handling these soft wool threads.

This blue bird is the latest addition to my wool embroidery project.

One more little parcel - this one did not travel such a distance. 
Small book by Janet Clare, A Field Guide - a book very much "one with nature".
In her projects Janet shows us how to draw inspirations from the nature around us; colours, bees, birds, butterflies..... 

I find this a very calming book; a little therapy during the build up to Christmas.

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  1. Namaste Radka! I been catching up with blogs after four weeks mostly without any wifi. Quite refreshing to jump off the whirl of the internet.

    Your recent posts are great. You have been busy, loving the wool embroidery. Your new kitchen looks wonderful, and all ready for festive baking!

  2. What great books.If you need help with the langauge,I am here:-))
    Wonderful bird,what coulors!!

  3. Radka, zadovážila si si skvelú terapiu!

  4. yes love;y things to receive in the post. Your bird is lovely, sure Janet`s book will be very interesting, i watched her on C & C the other day

  5. The Swedish embroidery is truly beautiful. Interesting for me is - they stitch mostly on black, probably wool. Stitching must be most wonderful and soft. The other book looks sweet and certainly a joy to leaf through.

  6. Two lovely books Radka and I love your blue bird! Hope you have a lovely Christmas. xx


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