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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Sunday baking

Not Christmas baking yet, I will need to get to that soon!

This is a batch of biscuits from the wonderful first Ottolenghi cookbook, published in 2008, called simply "The Cookbook".

I made these biscuits a couple of weeks ago, and although they tasted great, they never "dried" out; the problem being that I used soft brown sugar only
(as that was all I had at home at that moment) instead of mixture of the same and caster sugar.

It was the caster sugar (or lack of it) which made all the difference. Which just shows...
And because they tasted so great, I had to make them again, this time with the proper mixture of sugars, just to prove myself that it was the caster sugar and not my baking!

White Chocolate and Cranberry Biscuits 

(and this time they are perfect!)

All this is going on in my new kitchen, which DH finished installing early in the autumn,
and hopefully the last large project inside the house (for now anyway).

This week was another very slow stitching week.
I blame the wonderful Scandinavian TV programs like "Bridge III", for not being able to stitch and watch TV at the same time ( I haven't yet mastered the art of reading subtitles and sewing at the same time!), and Christmas online shopping, and ...............
That's my excuse, what is yours?

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  1. I love your kitchen it's modern and homely :) Biscuits look good too!

  2. biscuits look so tasty. What a lovely kitchen DH has created for you, so light with 2 windows and plenty of cupboard space. Liking the mat in front of the cooker, could do with a couple myself as my tiled floor is so very cold.

  3. The kitchen looks lovely and the biscuits are very tempting.

  4. The Bridge is a very good excuse - far too riveting to do anything else at the same time. How nice to be cosy in your lovely new kitchen and be able to relax for a bit!

  5. You have a very lovely kitchen! :)
    And the cakes look good. I suppose they taste like they look, too.
    I´m not so good to write in english so I hope you understand enough!

    Have a good day
    Karin, Pettas

  6. Your new kitchen looks lovely and as for those biscuits!....... xx

  7. Ahoj Radka!
    Tvoje sušienky vyzerajú byť fajn chrumkavé :-)
    Mňa však zaujala tvoja kuchyňa, je veľmi pekná! Aj my chceme robiť nejakú renováciu v budúce leto a tak sa budem inšpirovať :-)
    Radka, prajem ti pokojné predvianočné dni!


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