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Friday, 8 January 2016

January at Stourhead

First week of January has gone, is it possible?
Following the warmest December on record at last we are having temperatures close to normal, with a heavy frost last night.
A trip to the optician took us close to Stourhead, so we decided on a walk around the lake.
Most of the property is "asleep", the house closed for the winter. 

There were not many people around, and we enjoyed a peaceful walk; the few ducks and coots having the place to themselves.

First snowdrops,

 and even some winter colour

This time of year you also see clearly interesting shapes of the trees, in the summer hidden by the leaves.

This chaos in my room is a start of something new.....

A new year should see a start of new project (or two) ; well, that's my excuse :-) Something small.... 

A small box, a pattern from one of Yoko Saito's book.
Yoko's design is for an applique, but when I started, I realised how tiny the applique pieces  are and given up on that idea. 
Instead I decided to make the same box, but embellished by embroidery.

In the post today new threads - I have never used Cosmo threads before and I look forward to trying them out.

But I haven't neglected my old projects, in fact I hope this one will be the first finished project this year - I am now hand quilting borders of my "houses" quilt.

I can't wait to see it hanging up!

I wish you all a pleasant stitching weekend.

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  1. Lovely photos also your threads for the new project look lovely will look forward to seeing the box finished.

  2. good to have a visit to Stourhead again,loving the tree, thanks for sharing. Lovely threads have not personally tried them, are they stranded cotton? I am sure your new project will soon be well on the way and the house quilt soon completed.

  3. Stunning pictures from Stourhead Radka - it's a lovely time of the year to be walking. I'm looking forward to seeing your work on the box. New projects are a no no for me - well I am sure one or two will creep in, haha - so I shall enjoy following other peoples. xx

  4. How gorgeous are those photos of Stourhead. I'm sure you've enjoyed your walk around the lake. Your embroidery looks promising; I often embroider something if it's too small (for me) for applique.

  5. Enjoyed your photos as always Radka. Interesting new project and new threads. I haven't planned anything new, but returned to a crewel work piece I was not happy with, and got some guidance today from one of my groups. Anne

  6. Radka, krásna prechádzka okolo jazera! Uf, a snežienky a kvitnúce rododendróny, to sa mi páči v januári!
    Teším sa na tvoje tvorenie, vyzerá to sľubne!

  7. Dear Radka,
    many years ago we visited England. one of our best trips. Even a trip to stourehaed was there. that is why I am pleased with the images you show us.
    thank you for sharing. I see you're busy. I am pleased to see pictures of your quilts. wish you a pleasant week.

  8. Stourhead looks lovely in winter too. Love the threads you are using.

  9. Oh Stourhead, so beautiful - and your photos too! I am keen to see more of the new 2016 project.


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