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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

more flying geese

Mild weekend followed by another change - near freezing nights, but bright last couple of days.
We even managed to sit outside in the warm sunshine today, after we re-potted our salix tree, giving it a much large pot to grow in.

Last night I made 4 more flying geese sets for the "Cool Flying Geese" quilt.

This makes 27 in all, only 3 more to go, and I will be able to put together the main part of the quilt top!

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Gudrun said...


Cynthia Gilbreth said...

Lovely fabrics, but the one on the right could use more contrast, but then maybe you wanted it that way. Here in Northern Colorado, we have real flying geese!

Daniela Bencúrová said...

Radka, let husí bude krásny!
Takže ti to už nielen vonia jarou, ale aj jarné práce prišli :-)
Tak si to užívaj!

Helen said...

Your flying geese look great !

margaret said...

flying geese look so good wonder what method you use to make them as they are so perfect, fabrics delicious too

Käthe said...

Beautiful, well done !
Liebe Grüße

Die Nähmeise said...

Dear Radka,
you have selected so beautiful fabrics, it will be an uniquely beautiful flying geese quilt. Look forward to more pictures, Carmen

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