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Tuesday, 2 February 2016


That's how I feel about February, my least favourite of all months; in fact I would say that I don't like February. I think about it as a  "waiting month", when winter can still hit us hard, but all we really want is spring. 
The winter this year has been mild and wet, the endless greyness; it seem like every time I look out of the window, it is raining; nothing to inspire.

DH and I took an advantage of some blue in the sky today, to take a walk around the town.

I like to take pictures of old roofs and chimneys - this is in the old part of Shepton Mallet.

The centre of the town,

where we still have our own library.

We passed by the Shepton Prison, which closed 3 years ago. Until then it was the oldest operating prison in UK. Now empty listed buildings, nobody really knows what to do with the depressing looking complex.

Walking through the town park is much more pleasant, 
although even the park looks little sad at this time of year.

The blue sky and snowdrops lift the spirit.

Seagulls and ducks enjoying the lake in the middle of the park.

At the top part of the park is a shelter,

all the walls inside decorated with a mosaic. Pretty and - not vandalised. 

The blue sky did not last long and we just made it home before the next lot of rain.

The kitchen still is the best place right now. Last weekend I made a potato pancake tea for DD and her family. I had 3 frying pans going at the same time to cope with the demand; served with cooked sauerkraut (as opposite to raw one, which can be eaten as a salad). Yes, I am showing my roots here.

So, not much stitching going on, but I have picked up my crochet hook again, the Bohemian Rhapsody Wrap, working on the second block - nearly there.

Soon to be joined to the first block.

Some new fabric arrived today (one has to have something to brighten up the days),
for the Quiltmania  "The Tuesday with Flowers"   project.

This is a free downloadable pattern, 2 blocks on the last Tuesday of each month.
The blocks are from the book "2001 Blocks" - see my post on 28th January.

I think this is an easy project to do "in between"  others, and a good opportunity to use some of your stash; I have already pulled out some fabric from my one.

Do you have a "in between" project?

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  1. Joj, Radka, nádherné mestečko to je! Veľmi sa mi páčia tie staré stavby, strechy, komíny.....
    Aj u nás je február hrozný, i keď to kedysi býval krásny zimný, zasnežený mesiac, teraz sa to podobá skôr na bláznivý apríl.
    Som zvedavá, čo pekné ušiješ, látky sú krásne, ale zaujímavé je aj háčkovanie!

  2. enjoyed my stroll round Shepton Mallet recalling my times there whilst working at the show. Crochet looks good and see new projects ready to start. I do not have inbetween projects just loads on the to do list

  3. It looks like springfield, in the beginning of it.
    Here we have winter vid sunshina, white snow, little cold and so
    Have a good day!

  4. A lovely tour around Shepton Mallet. February is my least favourite month of the year for opposite reasons because it is always hot with very high humidity and sometimes a cyclone. Take care

  5. You live in a beautiful part of the world; even in Winter it looks inviting. We too had a mild winter so far, actually we only had one week of real Winter weather. And I was so looking forward to some real cold weather with lots of snow. But I'm probably the only one ;)!

  6. That looks like a nice little outing with some sunshine Radka. Even the shelter in the park looked clean!

    It's nice to see early flowers, gives us hope for Spring.

    The crochet looks very cheery to sit with at home on cold days. Not sure if any of my projects class as in-between, maybe more like several in progress, but sometimes the easiest one calls me the most (usually crochet squares).


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