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Friday, 11 March 2016

lavender, cake and feathers


 Spring is still eluding us; in fact on Wednesday it looked like winter is back - this was the view from our kitchen window - large snowflakes, thankfully too wet to settle.
Still, quite a depressing view.

But the kitchen was warm and cosy again, full of wonderful smell of baking.
Using again a recipe from one of my favourite books - this time 

again, using maple syrup instead of sugar.

Another good teatime cake, although the pears could had been riper.

Back to stitching; I layed out all the flying geese blocks on the floor and started joining them together.

That is the main part of the quilt top done.
Not all the points join exactly where they should, but thankfully that gets lost in the design of the fabrics.

Now for the borders - interestingly, both the inner and outer borders are on two sides of the quilt only. 
The fabric for the outer border arrived from Florence Rose Fabrics this week 
(with a little free gift)
I like the combination of the feathers design with flying geese.

This bag of dried lavender has been in the corner of my room for a quite some time - about time to do something with it; few quick and simple lavender bags to distribute around the family.

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  1. Radka, aj u nás sa zdá v jeden deň, že jar je blízko, ale na druhý deň je to fuč :-(((
    Koláčik je mňam, mňam, deka úplne super a vrecúška na sušenú levanduľu veľmi milé! Určite urobia veľkú radosť obdarovaným!
    Maj sa fajn!

  2. The fabric colors are gorgeous in your flying geese quilt.

  3. baking is mouthwatering. Loving the geese and wow the border fabric is beautiful. You certainly have made plenty of lavender bags love the smell of lavender I have a bag somewhere but not a clue where it is!

  4. Dear Radka,
    Your cakes always look very good, so does your stitching. Bit this time I like the lavender bags most, I can immagine the wonderful smell of them -
    have a nice weekend

  5. Yummy love seeing all your baking,. The flying geese are looking great,love your little lavender bags.

  6. That feather fabric is gorgeous!!!!! and I love all your geese now they are sewn together. Lavender bags are always good to have - you have reminded me that I have a bag of lavender in a corner too. xx


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