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Monday, 18 April 2016

feathered geese

It is time to put it all together - and hope it will all fit as it should.
Well, it did not; despite my very careful cutting and sewing, one of the side strips of small flying geese somehow ended up slightly longer; not much, but just enough to annoy. 

When I was learning patchwork and quilting, our tutor used to tell us - when it doesn't fit and it is not possible to go back - MAKE IT FIT!

So that's is exactly what I did - I made it fit; you wouldn't know.

I like the two feather borders, I think they compliment the geese :-)

Backing and wadding should arrive this week; binding - I have lots of time to think about that!

We had beautiful weather over the weekend in our part of the world, sunny, temperatures in double figures, but cold in the shade. In fact, it went down to around -2C on Saturday night; the bird bath in the garden had a thick sheet of ice over it.

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Klaudia said...

Hello Radka,

your quilt looks wonderful...so beautiful!

Greetings from

Daniela Bencúrová said...

Tak to bude veselá deka! Už len počkať na poštu a zas máš čo robiť :-)

Oops-Lah said...

Stunning quilt. I really love the colours although, it's so harmonious. Can't wait to see how you quilt it.

Frances Leate said...

This looks fabulous Radka and the beauty of working with cotton is that it can be manipulated into shape and stabilised by the borders. Great use of colour. Take care.

margaret said...

your geese have gone together beautifully. Good to know someone in the UK has had good weather, we ha a bit of snow on saturday and it is still cold up here though the sun is out now but not 7am yet bet it does not last!

Helen said...

Beautiful Radka !!

Saija said...

That looks perfect already, beautiful!

Lin said...

It's called 'fudging' here Radka! It looks absolutely gorgeous and I love the border fabric. We have had two frosty nights but brilliant sunshine during the day which has been lovely. Good to get back out in the garden especially as we have friends staying. First lunch of the year outside. xx

Anneliese said...

The colour of your geese-cloth is absolutely stunning.- and good that you could make it fit. Even if it wouldn't just fit exactly, I think it would not matter - it would be artful.

Catherine said...

It looks fantastic! No-one would know you made it fit :-)

Yvonne W said...

The quilt looks lovely. I love the colours you have used. It looks perfectly made from here.

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