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Saturday, 9 April 2016

I am all done with flying geese

Well, at least for this project - the Cool Flying Geese quilt.
These small ones are for 2 borders; in total I made 200 flying geese for this quilt. 
I need a small break from this one, before I'll put it together.

It feels like we are back in the winter; as I am writing this, it is sleeting outside
(yes, this is snow settling on our window).

Quiltmania BOM makes a welcome distraction
Last week they published 2 new blocks, no's 5 & 6.

I started with no 6 (it seems little easier), which is again an applique block.

This was the first time I used a fusible web when making a bias tape
( I bought the fusible web at the show - see my last week's post).
You feed the fabric and fusible web into the tape maker at the same time,

 to get a slightly sticky bias tape, with just enough bonding to hold the tape temporarily in place, while sewing it on.

Add few leaves and a couple of hearts - 

and another block is done.

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Hanna said...

The making of the bias strips ist very interesting, I will look out for it. The weather here is also bad, but better than yours -
have a nice Weekend

Daniela Bencúrová said...

Uf, tak teraz sneh, to je ozaj bláznivý apríl! U nás celý deň dážď :-(
Tvoje tvorenie je pre mňa veľmi zaujímavé!!!!

JaneGardner said...

Lover your applique!! And the strips looks really smart to do!!
Wich you a nice weekend
Vivianne in Sweden

margaret said...

what a achievement all those flying geese you will be able to make them in your sleep. Block looks so good beautifully appliqued

Saija said...

I love your flying geese!!! Colors are so beautiful :)

Anneliese said...

The flying geese are of exquisite colours - I like them so much. The bias tape with fusible web - what a good idea. I must remember it!!

Juliettecherry said...

A neat little gadget, always something new to investigate. I can believe you want a rest from Flying geese for a while. It will look great when it is all put together.

Helen said...

Love your flying geese the colours look gorgeous together !!

Catherine said...

I'm really looking forward to seeing your flying geese all put together!

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