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Saturday, 30 April 2016

looking for bluebells

Spring is late this year, at least by 2 - 3 weeks, may be more. We are still having night frosts and hailstone showers during the day, but they are telling us that warmer weather will be coming our way later next week. 

At last - I am itching to plant up pots outside, and generally spend more time in the garden.

Bluebells should be out everywhere, but although they are out on the sunny banks, they are only starting to open in more shady areas.

DH and I took a long walk this morning, to the woods above Stourhead, to find some bluebells to take pictures of.

Besides the garden, the Stourhead Estate covers a large, mainly wooded area.

The point marked "you are here" is at the start of the Park Hill Camp, believed to had been an iron age settlement.
 It is now an open grassy area, in the past years by now covered by a blue carpet of bluebells.
Today the picture is very different, with bluebells only just starting to show themselves.

We had more luck in the surrounding woods.

We should be well used to it, but every year we look forward to this sight - carpets of blue flowers, gently nodding their heads.

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  1. good to see some are out now, if it warms but a bit and stays dry I will venture to the local woods as there is a guided walk but if cold will stay at home as do not think many will be in flower as have very few out in the garden and they are the white ones.

  2. And what a beautiful sight it is!

  3. Ah, a belated spring! It is so good to at last see new growth on trees and plants bursting forth in the hedgerow. This morning we took ourselves off to Durleston Castle just outside Swanage. It was warm, a swallow sighted (!) Evidence of spring growth and breeding of sea birds. An exhibition at the Castle, a coffee, plus a naughty cake, completed the morning.

  4. Beautiful , love bluebells :)))))

  5. Lovely pictures Radka. We are still having frosts too but with the promise of warmer nights this week. I have masses of geraniums that I want to plant up but dare not do it just yet - they say here that you can not be sure of frost free nights until the middle of May! xx

  6. So good to see this every year again. And yes, I can understand your itching fingers to do some planting and potting. My fingers are feeling the same....


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