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Sunday, 3 April 2016

show time

This weekend - South West Patchwork and Quilting Show - annual event at Westpoint in Exeter.

This is not a large show, serving mainly, as the name suggests, the South West of England.
I like small shows, they don't overwhelm.
Bright, but crispy Friday morning - we set off early for an hour and a half drive to Devon.

As always there are many lovely and interesting quilts on show; let me share with you some of my favourites.

I tried to keep away from fabric stalls, I really don't need any more fabric right now :-)
Instead, I stocked up with some "technical equipment".

As you know, I am mainly a hand stitcher; I like hand quilting. Sometimes however I would like to finish a quilt quicker, but I haven't got enough confidence for too much of machine quilting.
There is only one of my quilts, the "Tail Feathers Quilt", which I quilted completely by the machine.
So when I saw a demonstration by 
Parrs-Reel Ruler company, using specially designed machine foot and rulers for quilting which doesn't require any marking, and makes machine quilting so much easier, I was impressed.
I am sure some of you have seen this product at other shows, but it is new to me.
The basic set is not cheap, as it includes a machine foot, one ruler and specially designed mat, but for me this is just what I need to do machine quilting more often.
I will let you know how I'll get on.
You can see their demonstration video here 

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  1. Those are some unbelievable quilts. I take it there was some sort of castle theme? That ruler system looks interesting. I'm contemplating actually machine quilting a top or two that I've made recently. We'll see how that goes.

  2. Wow so many beautiful and very artistic quilts thanks for sharing Radka also good luck with your new quilting tools :)

  3. some lovely quilts you have shared today I do so love quilt shows. Lots of good buys too, have watched the demonstrations with the ruler system will be interesting to see what you make of it. There is another system Australian which we are going to have a demo on next weekend at MQG, if taken with it might get my sister to bring it over when she comes in august as it is not available here yet.

  4. Lovely quilts. You have bought some great products. I have not seen many of those esp the ruler for quilting and blade sharpeners. Enjoy them.

  5. Dear Radka,
    what a great show, thank you for showing Pictures, I enjoyed them much. The ruler seems to be special I will watch the Video -
    greetings Hanna

  6. Many wonderful quilts,so great and different.
    Good luck with the new ruler.
    Gudrun xxx

  7. Tak to je už skôr umenie, ako ručná práca! Radka, díki za sprostredkovanie toľkej krásy!
    Kúpu si urobila hádam dobrú, i keď ja tomu nerozumiem, ale teším sa, čo s tým budeš tvoriť!
    Maj sa fajn!

  8. Gorgeous quilts, thanks for sharing. Also, you did well with your purchases and I'm especially interested to hear how you get on with your new machine quilting ruler set.


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