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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Stourhead - again :-)

School holidays - good place to bring grandchildren to explore.

early bluebell

and some spring colour from our (much smaller) garden

plum blossom

anemone blanda



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  1. Beautiful, what kind are the maroon and yellow bells?

  2. Lovely spring. Iv'e just come back from England and the daffodils and crocus were everywhere. Love the photos :)

  3. I was waiting for a visit to Stourhead thanks things are far more advanced than here though I have seen one tree in blossom but most are not doing much yet. Bluebells already wow I love to see bluebells but will be a while before ours are out. Your garden is coming along beautifully too

  4. Great pictures Radka - it really is a beautiful place and I love the colour of your fritillary. What a beautiful day it was yesterday - we went to Minehead with friends, mainly to scour the charity shops for books and treasure but it was lovely walking along the front in the sunshine. Lovely clear view of Wales too. Back to winter today I fear! xx

  5. Beautiful gardens as usual. I noted the early bluebells!

  6. I love to be in Stourhead gardens - with you. Thanks Radka!

  7. Dear Radka,
    beautiful photos of a beautiful natural, you show!
    Greetings from Germany,

  8. Che super meraviglia, sono estasiata da tanta bellezza. Sei molto fortunata a poter vedere cose così belle. Complimenti per gli scatti. Un abbraccio

  9. Such lovely gardens, Theirs and yours!

  10. Lovely and beautiful flowers. Springtime is wonderful.
    I enjoy your pictures. Thank you Radka!


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