Saturday, 21 May 2016

baking Saturday and another block

It is a miserable day outside, somewhere around 10 - 12C and raining. On days like this I find my kitchen such a comforting place.
I am trying a new biscuit recipe  - chocolate cardamom - it sounds just like something made for this weather.

This is a very easy and quick biscuit recipe; the mix needs to be chilled before baking, which takes more time than the rest of the process.

This is the result - light biscuit, with intense chocolate flavour, absolutely divine;
the whole house smell of chocolate!

I also finished the fourth block for Chateau Hexagon; these blocks are very quick to do.
What is going to take rather longer is the 106 x 1/2" hexagons I will have to make!

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  1. Yummy! Dobar tek! Again mouthwatering!

  2. Those biscuits look divine!

  3. scrumptious looking biscuits and the embroidery is lovely, best of luck with 1/2" hexies 1" is the smallest I tackle

  4. Biscuits look delicious. All those tiny tiny hexagons! wow! what a challenge.

  5. Mums!!! I`m coming:-))
    What a nice block you have sewn.

  6. I adore your baking days, another cute stitchery :)


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