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Friday, 6 May 2016

sun, glorious sun

I could not had planned it better; the first week of my full retirement and suddenly the nature remembered that it is supposed to be spring.
As the week went on, it got better and better;
 the last couple of days the temperature shot up to 20C; at last!
The first thing I did this week was to sort out my work room; with addition of some new storage boxes everything now has its place - buttons, beads, felting supplies, threads, tapestry wools, ribbons, various embellishments... besides the fabrics, of course.
It is surprising what one finds; projects long forgotten and now rediscovered, they too now have their own boxes.

I sorted out the backing for the flying geese quilt and started to hand quilt it in a very simple way; the quilt is "busy" enough with so many various fabrics and colours, it doesn't need any complicated quilting design.

One of the long forgotten projects I came across was "Chateau Hexagon",
button BOM by Lynette Anderson.
I am sure many of you finished this long ago.
For me it is like starting a brand new project.
Sitting outside in the sunshine today I finished the first two blocks .

Lets hope that this time the spring is here to stay!
The latest couple of Quiltmania blocks are waiting to be done.

I wish you all wonderful weekend!

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  1. Radka, máš krásne zariadený svoj pracovný priestor! Tam sa teda pracuje :-)
    Aj u nás bolo dnes pekne a má byť aj cez víkend, tak si to užívajme!
    Nech sa ti na dôchodku darí!!!

  2. Happy retirement x NOW.. you will have time to spend in your lovely room .. how long will it stay tidy I wonder xx ?

  3. What a fantastic work room! I love your little pictures.

  4. Welcome to the wonderful world of retirement. You will wonder how you found time to go to work very soon. You have a lovely room to work in.

  5. You have very nice sewingroom and of course fun to find old unfinished works:-)))
    Summer has come even to us and today my daughter launch the sailingboat.Jippie,I am looking forward to a trip:-))

    Wish you a very nice day.

    Hugs Gudrun

  6. What an amazing neat and tidy work room you have Radka - it looks splendid! Those two stitcheries are delightful - I am looking forward to seeing more. xx

  7. such a tidy room, I too am a fan o. Liking how you are quilting the flying geese and your Lynette Anderson project is very pretty.
    like you enjoying the lovely weather fingers crossed it lasts a bit longer

  8. How nice to be fully retired - I dream of that day too!
    I love your workroom which looks very well organised!
    Chateau Hexagon is very pretty.
    Happy spring with time to enjoy your garden Radka!


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