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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Glastonbury, referendum and Tyntesfield

It has been a rather crazy week;

Wednesday - build up to the wonderful Glastonbury Music Festival (the largest of its type in the world) - after so much rain, the festival site was a sea of mud. OK, nothing new here, we had been here before, with English weather anything has to be expected. And yes, we always get a huge amount of traffic on the local roads.
But this year was much, much worse. With vehicles being delayed by the condition in getting onto the festival site, the local roads just clogged up. Some people were stuck in their cars for 12 - 14 hours, hardly moving during that time. The organisers were blaming festival visitors for coming too early, despite the fact they had asked them not to. 

Many locals could not get to work, school buses were running late or not at all, some students missed their A level exams. It took DH and me only an hour longer than usual to get from DD's house home; our knowledge of small country lanes saves us from being stuck too.
Glastonbury Festival is good for the local economy, but what happened on Wednesday wasn't good for anybody, locals or visitors. 
The Festival is well in under way now and all is forgotten, but the local council will want some answers, how to avoid the same happening in the future.

Thursday - THE REFERENDUM DAY - after all that campaigning by both for and against UK leaving EU,  we get to vote.
This hasn't been a clean campaign, many half truths or simply lies told by both sides. I have lived in this country for nearly 48 years, but it took me by surprise that so much hate and racism was being whipped up.
The murder of MP Jo Cox seems to had been a tragic result of that.

Friday morning - the results are in - UK voted to leave EU. A sad day as far as I am concerned.
Not a decisive vote  - 52% for leaving, 48% to stay - this is a very divided nation. And about 30% of those eligible did not vote. Generally there is a huge mistrust of the political establishment.
Our Prime Minister has announced his resignation.
 At the moment none us know what will happen next, and only history will show if UK's decision to leave EU was good one or not. 

I have tried to stay away from the politics on my blog in the past, because that is not what my blog is about. But my blog is also my journal, so I feel I have to acknowledge such an important day.
I have my blogs printed and hopefully my blog books will stay in the family; my 11 year old granddaughter is already reading them.
Apparently it was mainly the older generation which voted us out.  I want my grandchildren to know that this grandmother voted to stay in. As one who witnessed an invasion of my country of birth by foreign armies (not somewhere in the Middle East or Africa, or the other side of the world all together, but right in the centre of Europe), I wish for my grandchildren to live in a secure Europe. My believe is, that if we "play" together, we are unlikely to fight each other. Again, only the future will show...
OK, I am getting down from my "soapbox" now.

I was fortunate to be able to spend the rest of Friday with DD and grandchildren.
The children had a free day, because the teachers at their school volunteered to help out at Glastonbury (for a fee, which will boost up school funds). So we packed a picnic and drove to Tyntesfield (NT property - one of their most recent acquisitions ) near Bristol.
With the forecast rather unpredictable, we were prepared for anything. As it turned out, we had a lovely day. 
There are play areas for children in the woods;

               We didn't go inside the house this time, but DH and I have been here before and you can see some pictures  here .

It was a nice day after all; even picnic (between rain showers) was a success!

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  1. Radka, rozumiem ti. Musela si sa vyjadriť aj k súčasnej politike, aby si tvoje vnúčatá mohli v budúcnosti prečítať tvoj názor. Z našich spoločných dejín vieme, čo sa môže stať, ak sa jeden štát povyšuje nad druhým. Aké je dôležité, aby sme si boli rovnocenní a mali spoločné záujmy. História ukáže! Ale pravdupovediac, bojím sa.
    Peknú nedeľu!

  2. Radka, a wonderfully written post and I agree totally with you in every aspect regarding the vote. ---- Wow the rain in Glastonbury - I saw photos from another site - people wore rubberboots. Must have been great fun. Thank you for showing the fantastci Tyntesfield house. I love the photos of the children's playground.

  3. it has been a bad week for the UK, like you I am one of the older ones that voted to say in, the racism in this country was I think the reason we lost the vote. It is a worry and seems wrong that it will take 2 years to sort it all out, I read other countries are now thinking of leaving too Now I read my MP Hilary Benn has been sacked.
    I so enjoyed Adele performing last night at Glastonbury but felt no desire to be there in person!
    Tyntesfied House looks a wonderful building and the grounds super so much fun for the children. Si it i okay for teachers to have time off without being fined then and get paid for doing something else! I feel for those who missed their A levels does that mean they have to wait another year to do them and lose out on their place at uni? If this is going to happen maybe they need to move the date for the festival to the school holidays

  4. Good morning Radka. I am up and about a little later than usual have sat up watching Adele until the early hours - what a great show. Needed some cheering up after the awful outcome of the referendum - sadly we had no vote as we have been out of the UK for more than 15 years. It was very frustrating for expats in Europe in the same position as us not to have a say in our future. I must say that some people did try very hard to get us a vote at least for this one occasion but to no avail. Europe has been a much safer place with the EU and how Britain can think it will still be able to trade in the same way with Europe I do not know.
    The gardens at Tyntesfield look amazing - it is on my list of places to vist but our time in the UK is so short to fit in everything.
    Have a lovely Sunday. xx

  5. Thank you Radka for a very insightful post. What a pickle. But we are where we are, the nation has voted. (except those that didn't). And now....... time will tell. On a slightly lighter note, Keith and I 'did' Glastonbury once and it was brilliant, not only that it didn't rain. No.1 son a fervent visitor, and indeed a
    'performer' on the green field site. I decided I had to 'do' Glastonbury before 2000. Cool, and then Keith decided perhaps he should come along too. The Deal - we had to go over the fence. Ha, Ha! My goodness it was high! Thoughts - why am I doing this, I have a plastic card on my person. However a nice young man said 'come on mother (!)' and with cupped hands hoisted me up and over. Keith followed on shortly but, being a gentleman,sitting astride the metal fence, helped one or two young ladies over!!!! The run through the safety area was a tad exciting, and then we found our tent erected for us by the Wimborne Militia with views over Glastonbury Tor. (we are a legend in Wimborne!). It was the most fantastic weekend ever.

  6. I discover your blog and I like it.

  7. Sending my warm thoughts to you and your country..
    I hope there are a way out of the mess in the end !! Take care ..


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