Sunday, 12 June 2016

it rained last night

 and most of the day today

                                           Another block (no 9) for Quiltmania's Les Fleurs du Mardi is finished.

I wish you all a safe stitching week!

© 2016


  1. Beautiful photos and block :)

  2. your garden is a picture of delight and to think you have not lived theer long and started from scratch more or less, love the posing robin. Block looks lovely too

  3. Your garden looks so beautiful despite the rain. Great block. xx

  4. You even make flowers in the rain look good! Love the block.

  5. Radka, takže nový blog si robila podľa tvojich kvietkov a vázy! Krásne to máš!

  6. What a lovely garden you have there.

  7. beautiful flowers as the quiltingblock too, I have missed to visit your blog(as many others but am back in blogland now)


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