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Friday, 15 July 2016

July? Really?

And half way through! How did that happen? 
June wasn't a very good month, and I am not talking only about the weather!
But as a summer month - a total disaster, wet and cold, at times we even switched the heating on, in June!

A slight improvement arrived with July; at least drier and some sunshine at last, although the wind still comes from the north - cold. Last night the temperature dropped down to 6 C !!!
The drier weather gave me a chance to sort out the summer house and make it comfy again, a retreat from the wind for DH and me,  with a cuppa (or glass of wine), a book or some sewing.

There is a quite different view of our little garden from here.

A good place to dry few garden flowers too.

The lavender comes from the lavender bed in our front garden;

some of the plants did not survive last winter, strange, considering how the rest are doing so well.
I had to replant several of them.

"Queen of Sweden" roses like the front of the house.

What else is going in my garden?

 No stopping these two!

I had been hand quilting the flying geese quilt,

and now I am stitching on the binding. I like to be at this point; nearly there - time to think about the next project to tackle!

And another block for Quiltmania BOM finished.

I wish you all a wonderful stitching weekend!

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  1. How beautiful! Thank you. I hope things are looking up for you now.

  2. Grazie per la bellezza che mi hai fatto contemplare del tuo giardino ..bellissimi fiori e l'angolino dove lavori o leggi è veramente delizioso..complimenti

  3. Grazie per la bellezza che mi hai fatto contemplare del tuo giardino ..bellissimi fiori e l'angolino dove lavori o leggi è veramente delizioso..complimenti

  4. how lovely to have the summer house, garden looking lovely, I see my lupins that have been in for years this year did not produce one flower, will leave them and see what happens next year, love lavender like you have it either side of the path in the front, cut in back last year and it has come on beautifully. I have started buying the finca perle as DMC seems to have discontinued so many of the colours

  5. As always your garden looks stunning Radka and your summer house looks so pretty and cosy. We have had a couple of chilly nights down to 11 degrees - usually we are sleeping with a fan going all night at this time of the year. If we hadn't already lost them to blight our tomatoes would be freezing their socks off! Does look to be warming up for the weekend though, have a great one. xx

  6. Radka, krásne si si upravila letnú chatku! Viem si predstaviť sedieť tam so šálkou čaju a len tak pozerať na tú krásu v záhrade! Ja obdivujem ľudí, čo sa takto dokážu postarať o kvietky, aby všetko kvitlo a bolo farebne zladené. Ja to neviem. Mala som levanduľu, aj tú mi zasadil vnuk, vydržala tri roky a vymrzla mi v zime.
    Tak si to užívaj a teš sa z krásnych dní!

  7. Always love to see photos of your lovely garden Radka. I think I have the same giant fuscia in one of my hanging baskets this year. So many plants have not liked the wet June.

  8. I'm also quite fed up with the weather but I'm grateful it's this year's summer isn't as hot as last. Your garden looks amazing; I'm amazed that constant rain and old hasn't damaged your lovely flowers. Love your summer house, such a cosy space. And your works in progress look fantastic. xx

  9. What a wonderful garden, lovely pictures!

  10. You do have a lovely garden and I just love your lavender.


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