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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

September is here....

By English standards we had a good summer; not as hot as the mainland Europe (just as well), but warm and fairly dry.
Any rain we had was needed to keep plants alive.
August this year was definitely an improvement on last year's, which was wet and so, so cold.
And it is not over yet, there is a promise of more warm weather coming from the Continent this week.
 I have been spending little time indoors, there will be enough time for that soon. I still have several projects on the go, making small progress on most of them.

Our grandchildren  returned to school today, but last week, in last days of school holiday, my granddaughter and I started a small project - 
a wallhanging, one of  Lynette Anderson's designs. We are making one each, using the same pattern, but  different fabrics, mainly from our stash.
This is our progress so far. I expect one of them will take much longer to finish, now the school year has started.

We also managed to make another visit to Stourhead last week,
to make most of the continuing good weather.

This time of year there isn't much colour here, but there are other thing to explore.

Behind the Pavilion is a path to the woods and:

"If you go out in the woods today, You're sure of a big surprise...."

Continuing on the "plum theme" I made  "Swiss Plum Tart". This one is one of my family favourites, which I have been making for many years. 
The recipe comes from a book, which has been on my bookshelf forever, and although the recipe is attributed to Switzerland, this type of plum cookery (plum cakes, tarts, plum dumplings) are very common all over the central Europe.

Cake crumbs and almonds in the bottom, next the plums.

After baking the top is brushed with warmed apricot jam and 
here it is. 
Don't even look at this picture if you are on a diet!

Enjoy September!

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  1. Dear Radka,
    You made wonderful things with your grandchildren, also wonderful pictures of your trip and your plum tarte Looks very delicious.
    Greetings, Hanna

  2. The surprises in the wood! :) Wow!
    I really like it!
    And of course, your plum tartes.

  3. Radu, moc tě zdravím a kochám se kouzelným zářijovým příspěvkem! Koláč vypadá úžasně, tvůj projekt to je nádhera a ty fotky z výletu - nemám slov - nádhera!
    Měj krásné dny, Helena

  4. Yes, isn't it amazing that we are already in September? We didn't have a very nice summer, lots of rain und not many hot days until August when it finally came in force and it seems it wants to stay a bit longer. But Autumn is definitely in the air here (my favorit season). Your plum tart looks yummy!

  5. Great pictures of Stourhead and some interesting arty finds in the wood. Lovely to be doing a project with your grandaughter. xx


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