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Sunday, 2 October 2016

I was looking for a small and easy project to take on holidays with me and came across pretty embroidery kits by Nancy Nicholson .

                                                                                                                                                                             Very neat and easy to pack, the kit comes in its own cotton bag.  
The bag is a small project in its own right, a printed design by Nancy Nicholson.  

The autumn chill is here, but today we had some glorious sunshine, warm enough to stitch in the garden.
I embroidered my bag, using threads by Stef Francis .

Now I look forward to stitching what is inside the bag! 

I wish you all a very good week!

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  1. What a pretty piece Radka. I love Stef Francis threads. xx

  2. Two lovely finishes on your previous post - for some reason I can't leave a comment there! xx

  3. Beautiful! Must seach Stef Francis thread on internet.
    The variations of the colors in the thread is a feast for the eyes
    xx Vivianne

  4. Really beautyful, Radka. A nice Project -
    greetings Hanna

  5. Oh so pretty what a great project,
    Love your quiltmania block also.

  6. Lovely embroidery and beautiful threads.

  7. what a delight I so enjoy hand stitching and this peice is a real beauty

  8. Love the embrodery with beautiful coulors.
    Hälsningar Gudrun

  9. fascinated with your new way of sharing all your photos very clever

  10. Very beautiful stitching - I also use Stef Francis threads -

  11. What beautiful design and the colours of Stef Francis are such a pleasure to work with - and look at.


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