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Friday, 4 November 2016

Montenegro - part 1

DH and I spent 2 weeks in October living in a very comfy hotel in the resort of Becici, near Budva, on the Montenegro coast.
Montenegro - formerly part of Yugoslavia, later "Serbia and Montenegro", and following a referendum in 2006, fully independent Montenegro.
Population - some 640,000, so not even a qtr of a million.
Religion: Catholic, Serbian Orthodox and Muslim, and they all seem to "rub along" very well. The reason I mention this is because there are loads of churches and monasteries in Montenegro, and so quite a few in my pictures.
Around 80% of the country is covered in mountains, some exceed 2,000 m and are some of the most rugged in Europe. It is quite a sight, specially from the air.
Montenegro has about 300 km of a beautiful coastline, with many wonderful beaches and purpose built holiday resorts.

Although late in the holiday season, we were very lucky with the weather, with day temperatures somewhere between 22 -26 C and any rain mainly during the night.
We were fortunate to be able to travel the length of the coast, and also explore some parts of the mountains. I would like to share some of it with you.

Our hotel

with 700 years old olive tree in its grounds.

This is a view of our resort (on the left) and Budva (on the right) from the road into the mountains.

Views from our hotel window.


Cetinje, the former royal capital, now part museum, part cultural centre.

View on the way back, the Bay of Kotor.


Sheltering from the rain in a cafe.

And later, back at the hotel, some wonderful dancing.

A monastery, just along the coast from our hotel.

more pictures next time

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  1. Beautiful photos! I want to visit now too.

  2. Looks amazing, love the photos, thanks so much for sharing :)

  3. looks loke a wonderful place tp visit with a good mixture of beautiful old buildings and new too.
    Thinking of you the other day when they were talking on the radio about the amazing colours at Stourhead this year they say the best since the 50`s so hoping you saw them

  4. Thank You Radka for sharing Montenegro. It really looks beautiful, amazing. I love your header, so fine.

  5. What an interesting place to holiday. Pleased to hear you have had some nice weather.

  6. Many "wows" - So lovely to see all those places, So well cared for, the buildings so familiar to me.Lovely churches.


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