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Saturday, 5 November 2016

Montenegro - part 2

Sveti Stefan - this island village was nationalised and became a holiday resort in the fifties.
It is now owned by Aman Resorts, which means that it is off limits unless you are a paying customer.
You can just admire its 15th century houses from a distance; it is believed to be the most photographed site in Montenegro.


A coastal town called Bar in the south of the country - a modern town, with wide streets, unlike in other places we visited.

We were told this used to be a small village, which was destroyed by an earthquake in 1979
(as were many other parts of Montenegro; we saw many buildings in the mountains, which were just left, when people moved down to the coast).
It was rebuilt, and now it is a large, modern town.
It is also one of Montenegro main ports, and has a ferry connection with Italy.


St Jovan Vladimir church - a new Serbian Orthodox church.

A few kilometres from the new Bar is Stary Grad - the Old Town, or rather what is left of it.

Not far from Bar, on the border with Albania, is the largest lake in the Balkan Peninsula - Lake Skadar,
two thirds belonging to Montenegro and one third to Albania.
This is one of 3 National Parks in Montenegro.

We were lucky to have a beautiful sunny weather for our cruise around a part of the lake.

In the picture below are remains of a prison.
 In the days when Montenegro was a kingdom, the king used to imprison his political opponents here; there would be a maximum  of 12 prisoners here, plus 12 guards, one for each prisoner.
What you see above the water is what is left from guards accommodation, the prison cells were below the water level.
The story is, that if a prisoner escaped, the guard had to serve the remainder of his sentence.
Apparently, in the whole history of the prison, this happened only once, when a prisoner escaped across the lake to Albania.

a house with "a potential"?

wild pomegranates growing everywhere

and somewhere to stop for coffee

more pictures next time

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  1. Beautiful pictures and a lot of exciting places.
    I look forward to the next time. Thank You!

  2. Beautiful Radka. The church is amazing! Thanks for showing us this beautiful country. xx

  3. Wow, so many breathtaking photos. You make me want to visit Montenegro.


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