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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

embroidered silk bag - another finished project

I have been going through my project boxes; 
some of the projects have been around for a quite some time! 

I wanted to make the silk bag ever since I saw it in this copy of Inspirations magazine; that's going back several years!

I bought all I needed for the embroidery at the time, but that as far as it got.
 Other things took over........

After a very long break, I did get going at last; the embroidery was done!

And then it went back into its project box....., moved house......, until this month.
I finished it last night!

This could be a good year for emptying my project boxes! 😀

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  1. Radka, that is a beautiful silk bag.

    The 'good' thing about the cold weather is just sitting down and getting on with stitching! Too cold to do anything else!

  2. Love the embroidery work and wonderfully stitched.

  3. Mycket vackert!!!!Färger,broderi,ja,allt!

    Hälsningar Gudrun

  4. Isn't it so nice to pull out an unfinished project and actually finish it? Your bag is beautiful and will be the envy of all if you bring it to embroidery meetings, as I hope you will. We often talk about "bag envy" in our meetings. Well done!

  5. such a pretty bag. Inspirations is a wonderful magazine but stopped at no 89 when I got hooked on quilting and I think I have recently read that it is being discontinued but maybe I am muddling it with another Aussie magazine

  6. This is beautiful! I can understand why you wanted to make it! Fantastic!

  7. It is so pretty, I love the soft colours.

  8. Hello Radka, Beautiful silk bag and stitching such pretty colours. A good feeling to finish a project that has been waiting. I loved seeing Luna in her French lace knickers.

  9. lovely lovely bag... the embroidery and ground certainly are simpatico.I would carry it around the house, placing it in locations easily seen.. just to enjoy something so lovely to be seen.


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