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Sunday, 5 February 2017

heavenly beauties

We had a lovely day down our way yesterday - warm and sunny. It was the kind of day, when you wish it to be an early spring day.
We looked for some small garden jobs to do to keep us outside.
There weren't any; it is far too early, so we just made a very short garden tour and set on the bench in the sunshine with our cuppa.
The garden is slowly waking up; the camellia, which we bought before Christmas, is covered in buds and wants to get going. 

Winter flowering clematis is in full swing, 

 and hellebores in the shady part of the garden are at last opening up.

But this is what I have been waiting for, to see this little beauty, the first hepatica blossom - 
"jewels of spring". 

I found out about them only last May, when I watched a TV broadcast from the Chelsea Flower Show.
John Massey from Ashwood Nurseries had a wonderful stand, covered in these little beauties.
They got a a Gold Medal and The Diamond Jubilee Award for their exhibit.

The Diamond Jubilee Award proudly displayed on our hepatica exhibit at RHS Chelsea

I ordered 3 plants of hepaticas nobilis that same night. 
We don't have ideal conditions in our tiny garden; hepaticas are mostly woodland plants - they like plenty of light during winter months and plenty of shade in the summer. 
I can't give them that, so I planted them in pots - last summer they were in a shady corner of our patio and in the autumn I moved them into the brightest patch. 
This one is looking little puny at the moment, but it is in flower, with more buds opening up, and the main thing is that all 3 plants survived the first winter and seems quite happy in our garden.
I am very tempted to get some more ūüėÄ

As it happens, there is an article about John Massey and his hepaticas in the latest issue of the Landscape magazine.

Back indoors, I finished another Chateau Hexagon block.

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  1. Dear Radka,

    deine erste Hepatica-Bl√ľte - "die Juwelen des Fr√ľhlings", ist wundersch√∂n!
    Auch sonst zeigst du sch√∂ne Bilder, die Lust auf den Fr√ľhling machen.

    LG Klaudia.

  2. Lovely photos of your garden :)

  3. Love the photos!!
    Warm and sunny weather. What does that mean??:-))I have forgotten:-)))
    Lovely stitchery with the little dog. Pudel, I think.

  4. your garden is really showing signs of spring, here even the tulip and daffodil bulbs are struggleing to peep out of the soil and even my very few snowdrops are doing very little. Lovely plants

  5. Lovely pictures from your garden Radka - the little hepatica is gorgeous. Pretty embroidery too. xx

  6. Hepaticas are new to me, they look delightful. Here was nice on Saturday too, but wet garden after frost. ..........instead wiped down the gutters and fascia's!! just a little step on all that awaits for this Spring.

  7. I am sorry, I did not visit your blog for some time. My Computer changed the program at my blogroll, so I cannot see any more who wrote a new post. But I enjoyed seeing what you have sewn and where you have been.
    Greetings from Austria


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