Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Hygge - Scheepjes CAL 2017

Isn't this beautiful? 

This is a new CAL by Scheepjes of Holland. How can anyone resist this stunning design?

I could not, anyway 😉. 
The whole CAL lasts 14 weeks, instructions being published each week on their website and Facebook.
Judging by their FB page, the interest is huge.
I came across it by chance on Sunday, at the end of the first week, thought about for a while ( a very short while) and then started browsing the Internet for UK supplier.
You can get the whole thing as a kit, and it comes in four colour combinations, but the "Rainbow" is the one in the main picture, and the most stunning, in my opinion. Obviously I am not alone, as this colour is mostly sold out.

I found it here in UK on Wool Warehouse website, ordered on Sunday, my parcel arrived today.

The contains all the yarn, and a small bag with bits and bobs,

and the lovely Wool Warehouse people included one of their bags with parcel - to put your work in, or possibly to store your finished shawl in.

The Danish word "hygge" and its definition has been banded around for some time now, I am sure you too know all about it. 
Our crafting also makes us feel good, and that's all part of it. 
I have returned to crochet only recently, so this shawl is going to be a challenge for me, but that is probably just what I need this year 😀

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  1. I read it too. But still don't dare. I've return to crochet too, but by recovering reasons my hands. I've made lots of crochet long ago, but really for now I don't like much. My love is embroidery. I would like to know how to sew like a pro, but me and sewing (old) machine doesn't match.
    i have not try to sew yet after the little stroke - one of these days i'll try again.
    Good luck for this beautiful CAL (?) not sure what is CAL...

  2. I don't dare, but it's really wonderful!

  3. You are absolutely right!
    Having fun is all that matters!
    florindacaldas@sapo.pt is my email, ok?

  4. Wish I could but know my limits ...love it :)

  5. Oh dear Radka - I could not resist either! It looks so beautiful but I have gone for the jewel collection. I am having it delivered to the UK so will have to wait a few weeks until I visit. It is a while since I did any crochet so I am really looking forward to this. Good luck. xx

  6. Wolle und Schal sehen sehr schön aus! Ich wünsch Dir viel Spaß beim Stricken.

  7. I was vaguely aware this was coming up but forgot all about it. It's gorgeous, I am always crocheting blankets. Will have to look it up now. (despite promising not to buy yet more wool!)

  8. what a wonderful hygge you will have when completed it really is beautiful

  9. I just started this week... For everyone there is the right time to start. Your's will come...


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